What's the cheapest solution for thermostat and are they worth it?

Hey guys. I’m looking to possibly get a smart thermostat and am just wondering. What is my cheapest good option for making this happen.

I’d also like to know if it’s really worth it? Is it helping save any real amount of money?

Well, you can monitor the thermostat when you’re away… Once in awhile, one of my kids would crank up the AC, so I set up a piston to knock it back down.

You can also check the temperature of your house before you leave work, and turn on AC or heat so the house is comfortable for you when you get home.

What about as far as saving money?

Well, I did it more for the control than the money. I’ve not done a comparison between past and present bills. I guess it really all depends on how you use it. If you get a new thermostat, but simply use schedules like an old-fashioned thermostat, then it’s really not going to change anything. If, however, you use presence sensors and such to adjust your thermostat, then you’re probably going to see some savings.

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I scored an amazing deal on three new Zen thermostats for $35 a pop on eBay. The guy must have worked for Comcast or something - I didn’t ask where he got them.

Anyway, they have all been great. Super simple to operate and they look awesome. I’ve got a few giant pistons running to keep them all humming along. Not constantly fucking with the thermostats has changed my life.

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That’s the thing. We keep the house at 72 no matter what so the only time we really need to jack with it is when it gets hot/cold outside.

But 35 bucks. That would be worth it to me even if it’s not going to save me any money.

I adjust the temp when we leave, as well as when we arrive. I also adjust it based on the time of day. Last, and this has been clutch, I drop it in the summer time based on humidity levels in the house. If the humidity rises then I drop the temp to pull out moisture and keep the environment in the comfort zone. The house is always perfectly comfortable now. It’s amazing.

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IMO, the only way you’re going to save money is if you can let some part of your house drift significantly away from a comfortable temperature for a significant period of time.

For example, you have a separate zone or floor that is unoccupied for a large part of the day, or the entire house is empty for several hours.

Other than that, smart thermostats are all about convenient control and remote monitoring and access.

That’s what I thought. It’s going to depend on how cheap I can get the function on if it’s worth it. What are my cheapest decent options?

I’m in a new house, completed June 2018. We’ve got a single heat pump unit with three zones.

The HVAC installer would not put in Ecobee or Nest, said they weren’t compatible and would void the system warranty.

So I ended up with Honeywell Vision 8000 WiFi thermostats. Not sure they qualify as smart, no motion sensing or anything. But they have a decent app of their own (Honeywell Total Connect Comfort) and a cloud-to-cloud integration with SmartThings.

I have elected not to automate them beyond their standard programming capability. I do like the ability to check the temps and settings whether I’m at home in a comfy chair or hundreds of miles away.

Yeah I don’t need every bell and whistle so long as I can control remotely and set up rules etc. But I’m in a rental but we don’t have any zones to worry about.

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Keep in mind that Google has broken all ability to use Nest products with any third party system including SmartThings. They have ended the Works With Nest program without providing a replacement.

Check out the CT-30 and you can use them with various SmartApps to manage your schedule.

It’s a very basic thermostat but enough to get your job done.

Oh yeah very cool. Thanks!

Can anyone tell if my system has a Cwire? Or, will I have any issues hooking up a smart thermostat?

Never had to replace one myself but I did research it at a previous home.

IIRC, the wires were clearly labeled at the heating/airco end. And there is usually paperwork stored there from the installer.

This might help

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If you don’t have a c wire you can use this Venstar device to create a c wire from your existing wiring.

Also you can look at the CT-50 or CT-100 models which have a battery option in addition to the C-Wire

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@RBoy can you not tell if it includes the C wire based on my pic? I know the thermostat we currently have does have 2aa batteries in it.

Usually it’s black so I can’t tell from the pic. However you appear to have 6 wires so it’s quite likely that you have a C-Wire in there (usually there are 3-5 wires) but you’ll have to trace them back to your HVAC control board.

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TY sir…