What you want to see after the 2021 App update (Clean Slate)

Don’t forget us poor soles left in the aftermath of new apps and back ends that do not support the Fibaro RGBW drivers

If we do indeed loose the IDE I a finally and royaly screw#d

Dear Mike while our soles may need replacing :grin:, Fibaro is a lost cause for me…

I still use mine every night, the driver is the heart of my front lighting/security

I use a long forgotten and no longer available smart app that continues to give me access to the drivers colours and options but if the IDE dies… angry is an understatement

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I would like to be able to control STHM externally, such as from ActionTiles and WebCore.


I must be one of the few who is actually perfectly happy that you can’t do that.

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I would like to see a way to group or categorize automations and sort by name


I’m a firm believer that everything should be accessible by API - I ALSO believe that SOME features should require special scopes to access… This is one of those things I feel fits both categories.

…instead of CAN’T
Create a new scope, call it STHM or Security or whatever, and you only get access to that in your PAT if you specifically include that authorized scope - and to get that scope you have to hit a checkbox acknowledging that they’re not responsible if a bad actor uses it and turns your alarm off. (Lawyers are the reason we don’t already have it, really…)

Then simply don’t include that scope in the default token request that the external integrations for those services create…

OR WAIT… Even better - how about we have the ability to filter devices from Alexa and GH in the integration? Maybe a boolean in every single device - ALLOW EXTERNAL ACCESS… If it’s ‘false’ you can’t reach said device from outside ST at ALL. Also, make the property’s default ‘off’ for any new device.

I guess I’d be perfectly happy if it’s DIFFICULT? :slight_smile:


I suspect that is pretty much how it works already, though if so it isn’t fully documented/exposed yet. If not, then yes I agree it is how it should work.

That’s different to allowing access to legacy apps like ActionTiles and webCoRE, SHM style, which is what I believe was probably desired.

It’s not as if those apps can’t work with STHM already as webCoRE has always been largely unhindered, and ActionTiles is really only limited by currently only being able to work with a small subset of stock capabilities which reduces the options available to it.

It don’t think it even needs to be difficult. It just needs to make you stop and think about whether you actually want to do it, and then jump over a small hurdle if you do. Which is pretty much how it is at present, albeit not as elegant as it could be.

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Guys i have deleted the Smartthings app as it finally appeared on my play store and reinstalled just to see what would happen.

As expected favorites where as i left them, but rooms lost their order, configuration and custom wallpapers.

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I think it would be a great idea if you would have to authorize each device to be accessible outside the application.

I love the new contact sensor status feature card at the top the app. It is great to see what doors are open. I wish there was a way to select which contact sensors are visible on this card though.

I have several Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO contact sensors wired into 1930’s style push button light switches to make them smart. The contact sensor card shows a bunch of contact sensors that are open when it is really just a light switch that is off.


As this post is growing with a lot of input from a great community, I’m wondering if staff at smartthings are listening or reading it. It would be nice to know that they are.

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I’m sure some are reading it, but not likely the ones who make the decisions about what the next set of features will be…


Another handy feature would be synching the arrangement of tiles between multiple phones, tablets, etc on which the app is installed. I have my regular cell phone, an old cell phone and a tablet with the SmartThings app installed. When I re-arrange the layout in rooms, favorites, etc - I have to do it on all 3 devices (well not really HAVE TO, but for consistency)

Well we can at least hope they are taking it back to the higher ups.


I have had a good laugh when I read your post. And I fully agree on the comment regarding the lawyers.

But can’t you set up a virtual switch and an automation to mimic or control STHM? The result is the same.

Otherwise if I remember Google follows the same as SmartThings, it is not sharing motion sensing data from the Nest Thermostats or Max Hubs (not to mention the smoke sensors) for exactly the same reason. It is stupid, just stupid. But what will they do with Matter? Will they miss that capability? Will they miss presence data only because another service can collect it and provide information of your daily life pattern what rooms you are using or how much… I believe there are similar privacy issues with Sidewalk as well. (Not to mention that my Samsung fridges provides me information how many times the fridge or freezer door was opened during the week with hour ranges… Hahaha)

Android (Samsung Galaxy) buttons are overlapping and interfering with app buttons. It is quite annoying and does not allow to open life and automations easily. This shall be fixed.

You can, I have - we shouldn’t have to.

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I know…

My point was only, that you cannot, but really can control STHM in a quirky way. But then why you cannot at the first place.

It has to be AGILE…

I have slightly changed my position on this overnight. Somehow last night I managed to fall asleep and accidentally open SmartThings on my mobile, open the hamburger menu, go to the SmartApps, activate the delete menu and delete Find, webCoRE and STHM. I don’t find it credible either, but it happened.

Unbelievably, deleting STHM caused most of my Automations using Security Mode to be deleted and the remainder to have the Security Mode actions removed. Why? STHM is a handy little toy but it does not have a monopoly on using the Security Mode. So that means using Security Mode with Automations represents an unacceptable risk.

Hi All. Please disregard some devices that are offline in following screeshots. My intent was to influence all SmartThing teams to start working together.

SmartThings team(s) need to start working together. Many of those items on this wish lists already exist as part of different apps. At this moment we have Andriod/iPhone app, Web App, Windows app, and Galaxy phone features that all have what we kind all want but not together. It is fragmented. Really badly.

Member Card is available on Web App

Also this is part of Dashboard tab, where you have Favorite devices organized by Rooms, not randomly by itself, and that is how it should be on any phone app. Favorite Scenes are there, and STHM. We should be able to select what goes on Dashboard - Room, Device, Scene, Status Info, STHM, etc…

Than there is Room tab that contain Rooms and devices within. I do like choice to hide some devices within a room especially virtual devices that are there just for Automations, or remote that controls smart light bulbs within same room, that I can turn control by itself from app. That was nice feature in v3 app.

Third tab in Web App is Automations that contains Scenes and Smart Apps, but no Automations as expected like phone app.

Windows App has Favorites, that is set up as new v4 app with Scenes and Devices but not organized within a room, just floating around. Also there is no STHM

Device Tab has device list by Rooms

and there is Scenes tab that of course has scenes only

Now back to v4 phone app, 5 tabs,

  1. Favorites tab. It should be called Dashboard with Favorite Scenes, STHM, Status info, and Favorite Devices, but option to add Favorite Rooms.
  2. Devices tab. Displayed All or by Room but no option to hide devices or like on Web App split view (favorite/other)
  3. Life Tab. It’s ok. But one note about all of this tabs, they can’t have custom background. You can customize rooms but not tabs. There is no consistency.
  4. Automation Tab has Scenes, Automations, and SmartApps,
    however within Automations show all Automations including device Automations, all together.

    We should have options to show them separately or not at all within this menu. It should be sub option for Automations

    Last tab is Menu that contain many other things but one that is
    interesting is within Labs - Universal Remote Control, that should be available to be placed as Favorite on Dashboard, where you could add individually selected devices that you don’t want within room. This SmartApp is hidden too much within menu, that is so hard to use.

    Last one is on Samsung Galaxy devices, Devices tab from pull down menu that list all phone connected devices

    There is an option what for what do you want to show, and how Devices tab on v4 app should be

So SmartThing teams pelase meet together with all other teams WebApp, WindowsApp, Phone/App, GalaxyApp, etc… and put all of this together and make one nice App that looks same on any platform.
Adding other features is another beast