What sites/forums do you read?

Like many here, I’m a home automation enthusiast. Obviously, I read the ST forums to stay up to date on things related to ST. What other sites/forums do you read to stay current on HA?

This might be of interest, although it’s specific to discussion forums:

As far as what I personally read, it depends on what perspective I’m interested in. Business models and the industry? Technical protocol discussions? Practical hands-on reviews and projects? New devices? There’s just a lot of different ways to approach “home automation.“

For the technical stuff, I mostly read IEEE. Sometimes ZDNet, Network World, or some of the other technical journals.

For business models and the industry I read CEPro, Forbes, Stacy on IOT. Sometimes Digital trends, TechCrunch, sources like that. I also read some of these for big picture trajectories, along with IBM blogs.

For specific devices, I read a lot of sources, including CNET, alliance press releases, Tom’s Hardware, Small Network Builder, 9 to 5 Mac, The forums mentioned in the thread I linked to above, individual Google searches.

So just depends on when I’m looking for. :sunglasses:


I feel like podcasts are my best sources for news.
Currently my three favorite are:
The IOT Podcast

Hometech.fm talks about professional installs a lot but it’s nice to hear what the other side of the fence has so I can concoct ways to do it myself.

Home:On is a good one for sure but it’s release rate is a little slow.

I used to really like The IOT Podcast but it’s been so much vaporware and chip news and business related that I find myself nodding off.