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Hi, can someone tell me what the best forums are for all things smart homes. I don’t think this is the place to discuss anything but smartthings.


You can check out Reddit’s Home automation forum:

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I think Reddit is definitely the best, particularly if you have a technical background.

AV forums also has a surprisingly robust smart home community, and is aimed more at the regular customer, not a techie person.

Thank you guys

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A couple more:

Cocoontech is always good on home security. The home automation discussions can get very technical, so it just depends on what you’re interested in.

If you’re in the UK, is very good

And from an engineering standpoint, there are several IEEE forums that discuss IOT issues from various perspectives. But you were probably already know that if you were and IEEE member.

Other than that, most of the busy discussion boards are hardware-specific, usually related to the hub that you are using.

Hey JD, are you on any of the other forums. if so what is your username.

Not many these days. I read, but I don’t post.

I am just trying to decide between these systems and could use some help picking. Also trying to decide on the wifi system

10000sqft home.