What’s is that about frequency and issues with the law!

Hey folks good evening to everyone, what is this frequency issues of devices in one country cause problem in anothe one, what this interference can do in a bad way? My doubt is bringing a device from one country is sure to have problem in another? What’s the probability?? I am so confused

It’s really very simple, and is covered in the international FAQ. It applies only to Z wave devices.

Z wave devices operate at a different frequency in different countries for a very specific reason: ambulance communications and mobile phones operate on different frequencies in different countries, and Z wave manufacturers want to avoid causing interference for those other devices. It really is just that simple.

The list of which frequencies have been assigned to which countries. Is published on the official Z wave alliance site:


An end device like a light switch or a motion sensor must exactly match the frequency of the hub that it talks to.

In part because of these regional issues, typically you cannot change the frequency of a zwave hub after you buy it, and typically each zwave hub only operates on one frequency.

The smartthings hub is currently sold in two different models: one using the US zwave frequency and one using the EU/UK zwave frequency. There have also been some limited editions sold on some of the other regional frequencies.

But again, it’s not complicated.

  1. Check the Z wave alliance site to see what frequency is assigned to your country.

  2. Buy a smartthings hub which matches that frequency.

  3. Buy zwave end devices which match the frequency of your hub.

  4. Know that if you use Z wave on a frequency which is assigned to a different country, that may be illegal where you live, because it might interfere with ambulance or mobile phone communications.


Thank you @JDRoberts you were very helpful, I live in Brazil, and the frequencies of z wave are differents from here! Should I avoid to buying z wave products? Would a Samsung SmartThings hub work here by the specifications? Thank you!

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