What prevents this routine from local execution

It appears the hub firmware doesn’t currently support great than and less than locally.

I would suggest that either the ‘greater than’ or ’ less than’ functions are not supported locally, or the Routines are actually using the ‘rises above’ and ‘falls below’ functions and it is those that aren’t supported.


Same problem here. Did you check after last firmware update?

Does the same thing with the latest firmware

The Routines tool is not related to the Hub’s firmware update.
There are some features that are not executing locally yet for Rules/Routines. If all the devices in the routine execute locally, then, the Routine being executed in the cloud is caused by an option you selected.

In this case, if you defined in the Routine something like “motion detected for N time”, it uses the operation “remainsEqual” which is not supported for local execution yet. The team is working to add more features supported in this kind of execution.


I’m going through the same problems, especially with regard to the light sensor, do you have any perspective of this being resolved?
I apologize if I’m being inappropriate.