What determines when a routine is run locally?

What conditions do I have to have in my routine for it to run locally on my hub V3? It seems random!

Devices that support Edge drivers are eligible to have Routines run locally. That being said there are things that you add to a Routine that can cause it to run in the Cloud. I haven’t reviewed my list to verify that all of these are still valid, but this is a list of things I have found that can cause Routines to run in the cloud:

   * Scenes
   * Lighting Groups
   * Member Location
   * Devices from cloud->cloud integrations
   * Notification actions
   * Weather triggers
   * STHM triggers and actions
   * " Any Day" time precondition
   * Cloud virtual devices
   * Devices on two different hubs
   * 'Only once per day’ or Limit in Rules