What Power Source For Short Run RGBWW Setups

Hello all,

I am planning out my setup to install RGBWW LEDs for over/under cabinet lights in my kitchen and curious on the best power supply setup and if the SUPERNIGHT LEDs seem to work the best/brightest.

I planned to use the following LEDs:

Will have 3-4 different runs with the longest being around 10-12ft max and they will all be individually controlled via the Lixada H801 wifi controllers.

Any suggestions (on amazon prime if possible) for power supplies and if there are any better RGBWW LED’s than the Supernights would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

I have 32’ running off an old 60W power brick from an IBM laptop. Neighbor across the street complains that they light up his entire living room.

Not the exact one I have ( it is no longer available on Amazon ) , but similar

Check the project reports for kitchen projects in the community – created wiki quick browse lists. There are a couple of different ones there. That’s at the very bottom of the page of quick browse lists.