What outdoor cameras work with smartthings 2021 in Europe for cold climate?

Hello community, i am looking for both indoor camera and outdoor camera that i can watch with live view inside off smartthings.
For outdoor cameras i don’t want wireless because where I live it’s not uncommon to be -30 or colder so battery power seeme useless.

For indoor camera i have seen the Smartthings own camera and google nest but they are on the expensive side are there other options? I did also see that Aeotec has a Aeotec Cam 360 but i can’t see too find any information on how that works inside of smartthings
Hope someone can help :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

Finally, it won’t make that much difference in this case, but are we talking Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Im in sweden and its Celsius,

I did find this anyonme know how it works inside of smartthings?

It does work in SmartThings. @sulisenator I believe has one and will be posting a video in the future. I believe there is a youtube in Korean about it, too.

edit: here’s the Korean video i was thinking of


In the US, at least, it’s listed in the smartthings app under cameras and then the Aeotec brand:

But I haven’t heard exactly what features are available in automations. Hopefully someone else will know.

I asked a friend of mine who lives in Canada, and he said that the nest cam iq outdoor can handle quite cold temperatures, down to -40 degrees Celsius.

There are some nest outdoor models which are working with the new nest/smartthings integration, but the integration is limited and does not work with Webcore, actiontiles, or sharptools. You can talk to people who are using nest cameras with smartthings in the following thread:

And we should also note that of course the nest cameras are quite expensive. But at least that does seem to be one that could handle the temperature range you specified and has some smartthings integration.

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It looks like the IQ model is being discontinued this year, so that one might be hard to find, and the other outdoor Nest cam model only handles a range down to -20°C. So I don’t know if the other model would work for you, maybe not. :thinking:


Both outdoor Nest Cams are designed for permanent outdoor use, and have been tested against typical environmental factors such as dust particles and precipitation.

  • Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is IP66 rated (protected from dust and high pressure water jets) and has an operational temperature range of -40 to 113°F (–40 to 45°C).
  • Nest Cam Outdoor is IP65 rated (protected from dust and low pressure water jets) and has an operational temperature range of -4° to 104° F (-20° to 40° C)

Sometimes you can put an outdoor camera in an enclosure and keep it warmer that way, but I would imagine you could find local information on that idea.

Hi @johan_fahlgren , I can confirm that the Aeotec 360 cam works with SMartThings, as a matter of fact it work soNLY with SMarTthings, you have to configure it directly in ST app, there’s no other way, the stream is accessible in the ST app only, as the saved video clips.

Integration is great, automations can activate the cam, make it point to a specific preset, and it can be used as motion and sound sensor in automations.

It also has motion-following.


If I can advise. Choose a camera which can work without any provider and any additional subscription fee and can record locally or/and to an NVR or a NAS. Unfortunately not so many (I mean ZERO, which really fulfills that) works with SmartThings to be able to see the camera image.

Many offers an additional cloud service as well.

I use Foscam cameras and they survived -23 Celsius a few years back. I don’t know the specs.
They used to work with the Classic app, but the new one supports some features except video image, but it requires @RBoy’s paid custom DH.

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It’s pretty basic but it works seamlessly in SmartThings.