What other uses for a Tilt Sensor other than the obivious?


(Joel W) #1

I have a spare Ecolink Tilt Sensor, and would like to re-purpose it. Any ideas other than the obivious ones?

(Dan) #2
  • Put it on your toilet seat/lid to make sure the kids close it? :wink:

(Ernie) #3

Mailbox, oven, dog food container, cellar doors or attic door. :thinking:

(Paul Haskins) #4

Tht bottle of Pappy Van Winkle to see if someone else gets to it :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #5

The mail box is obvious as well as any door that tilts. I want thoughts that are out of the box.

Now that is gross. Besides no kids living at home and I am the only male.

I tried that couldn’t squeeze it down the neck of the bottle.


I use one on an attic hatch/door. I had to position it carefully as the hatch is horizontal in the closed position. Now my attic light and nearby lights come on when I open the hatch and go off when I close.

(Joel W) #7

Already have one there mounted on a 90 degree angle as my door is also horizontal.


I have a friend who uses one as a reminder that the trash cans have not been put out (moved) on trash day. It works because the cans get tilted back when they are moved.

(Joel W) #9

That is a good option as my cans get tilted into the auto truck.

(Jimmy) #10

I have one on the car trunk so the garage doesn’t close if the trunk is open

(Joel W) #11

That is an idea, but more interested for something around the house. Plus my garage door has a huge amount of clearance even if the trunk is open.


Stick it to your significant other’s back so you can get a push notification when they get up.


(Joel W) #13

My wife would put in my place that don’t shine if she could.

(Robin) #14

Garden parasol…

Parasol is open
weather is windy
send notification


You (or she) just re-purposed the tilt sensor! :smiley:

(Robin) #16

If it has a vibration sensor you couldn’t deny that smell was yours haha


Put a box for packages on your porch and use this to tell you when they are delivered or if it’s moved??

(Joel W) #18

We live in a guarded community, and lock boxes aren’t necessary, or at least not yet.


Well it seems you have a reason not to use any one else’s ideas. Looks like the ball’s in your court.

Maybe just sell it.

(Hendre) #20

Mood Cube to obvious?