What other uses for a Tilt Sensor other than the obivious?

I have a spare Ecolink Tilt Sensor, and would like to re-purpose it. Any ideas other than the obivious ones?

  • Put it on your toilet seat/lid to make sure the kids close it? :wink:

Mailbox, oven, dog food container, cellar doors or attic door. :thinking:

Tht bottle of Pappy Van Winkle to see if someone else gets to it :slight_smile:

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The mail box is obvious as well as any door that tilts. I want thoughts that are out of the box.

Now that is gross. Besides no kids living at home and I am the only male.

I tried that couldn’t squeeze it down the neck of the bottle.

I use one on an attic hatch/door. I had to position it carefully as the hatch is horizontal in the closed position. Now my attic light and nearby lights come on when I open the hatch and go off when I close.

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Already have one there mounted on a 90 degree angle as my door is also horizontal.

I have a friend who uses one as a reminder that the trash cans have not been put out (moved) on trash day. It works because the cans get tilted back when they are moved.

That is a good option as my cans get tilted into the auto truck.

I have one on the car trunk so the garage doesn’t close if the trunk is open


That is an idea, but more interested for something around the house. Plus my garage door has a huge amount of clearance even if the trunk is open.

Stick it to your significant other’s back so you can get a push notification when they get up.


My wife would put in my place that don’t shine if she could.

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You (or she) just re-purposed the tilt sensor! :smiley:

Put a box for packages on your porch and use this to tell you when they are delivered or if it’s moved??

We live in a guarded community, and lock boxes aren’t necessary, or at least not yet.

Well it seems you have a reason not to use any one else’s ideas. Looks like the ball’s in your court.

Maybe just sell it.


Mood Cube to obvious?

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How would that work with a device that only tilts one direction?

Totally the opposite, I appreciate all the input, I just want to decide on what one suits my environment the best. I am leaning toward the Cube idea, but I am not sure it will work for a two direction tilt sensor. My second idea is one of my own. I was thinking of taking a book and cutting a hole in it the size of the sensor. Then place the sensor in it and use it as a hidden switch. What I will control with it I am not sure. But as of now I thought it could control my siren, as a panic button.