What Notification ringtone are you using?

I’m using Jetsons Doorbell.
Link below.

I personal think it’s funny because I grew up watching the Jetsons and homes are now evolving.

What ringtone is the ST community using for notification?



We nicknamed our smarthome Samantha so we use the Bewitched nose wiggle sound.


Was there any doubt? :wink:

Admittedly, this guy goes a little far, but I like the gadget and I have one on my door. He doesn’t really make it clear in his review, but there’s a motion detector in it, so you can set it so the door opening or red alert sound happens automatically when somebody walks by.

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I know many people who named their car but you’re the first person I know of to name their home.

But why Sammy?

Lol… This is a little too much for me. I don’t think this would get approval from the wife.

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The Jetsons is my doorbell through smartthings and UBI :slight_smile:


Its not really the house, but everything smart in it. Samantha has many of the same letters as smarthings.

With Ask Alexa we can refer to her by name. “Alexa, tell Samantha to turn off living room lights”. Ideally I wold rename Alexa to Samantha completely.

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how often Alexa and Samantha stop talking until you intervene to fix the relationship.


The actually get along pretty well (surprisingly).

Occasionally I get a rudish message from Samantha that I need to update the Lambda code.