Looking for a Siren that will play an alert

(Steven Reese) #1

Hi all. I am looking for a siren that will play a very basic alert letting us know when someone opens a door. I have an autistic child, and so it is extremely valuable to be able to know when the door gets opened so we can pay attention to who opened it.

I currently have an old ADT alarm that isn’t activated, but it has keypad alerts that plays three short beeps to let us know the door was opened. I want to duplicate the functionality in SmartThings.

Thank you!


(Brad B.) #2

Several of us are looking for something like this. Currently, I have a push notification go to my phone whenever doors are opened. However, something like this in addition to your door sensor might help until you get another solution (it’s cheap too) GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00032CIJQ/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_dojUub1XPWG9J

(Brice; SmartRulesApp.com) #3

This may be overkill for what you’re trying to do, but our app, ObyThing Music, lets you trigger notifications, text, music, etc. on your Mac, or to AirPlay speakers. It’s currently only available for Mac. http://obything.obycode.com

(Nick D) #4

Try IFTTT (If This Then That). Set The Smartthings Channel to trigger a notification or a siren or a Sonos speaker or anything in their long line of channels. Or if you have an Ubi, it can say it or (I THINK) play a short sound (You could upload a three short beeps sound). Hope it helps!

(Geko) #5

This will play a chime sound and will cost you less than $7 (or less than $10 for two).

(Steven Reese) #6

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. As I mentioned, currently I already have the functionality through the old ADT system, but I’m trying to move everything to Smart Things for a ton of reasons. I think at this point, the IFTTT solution is probably the closest to what I’m trying to accomplish.

Thanks again!