What is the proper way to detect when the LAST person leaves a house in webCoRE?

I tried to make an account in the webCoRE community but it kept saying “We cannot detect if account was created” and isn’t sending me any confirmation emails, so I’ll just post this here for now. (Sorry!)

What is the proper way to detect IF the last person has left the house? I tried this:

“IF All of [my phone]'s and [my wife’s phone]'s presence change to not present:”

but the automation did not execute. I thought the problem might be the “change to” part, as it might be expecting both phones to change at the exact same time.

So today I changed it to “IF All of [my phone]'s and [my wife’s phone]'s presence are not present” and saved it. Neither of us is home, so presumably the second I hit SAVE it should have seen that we are not present and run the automation. But it didn’t.

I hit TEST and the automations work just fine. I’m just having trouble triggering them!

I’ll have to see tomorrow when we leave for work if the piston actually does trigger with the “change to -> are” fix, but for now, is there anything obviously wrong with it?


This is how it is currently, which I thought would trigger as soon as I hit “Save” since we are not currently home. If I have that wrong, perhaps it will work tomorrow when we actually leave for work… I’ll report back.

Here is how it was yesterday, which did not trigger when the last person left for work.


The only difference between the two is the current one (top) is “are” and the old one (bottom) is “change to”.

“change to” did not execute when we left for work yesterday, and “are” is untested in real life (although I thought it might trigger as soon as I saved it).

Thanks! Same username, ‘sweetdiss’.

“Changes To” is a trigger. Triggers don’t play nice with multiple triggers. You should only use 1 trigger per argument unless there is an “Or” in between them. Not always true but mostly…

“Is” is a condition. This is what you want to use to evaluate “All”

The Test worked because the conditions were met…But did not work once you hit saved because there was nothing to “Trigger” the evaluation. In other words, hitting save does not automatically make the Piston evaluate. Something has to happen…Hitting test forces an evaluation.

Your first Piston should work fine and will execute once both presence sensor are not present.

The second Piston will never run because again, can’t have multiple triggers in one argument.

Thank you!

Just registered again!