Webcore piston for away setting thermostat

Good morning,

I have been tasked by the Mrs. to set up a piston that when both our phones (presence sensors) are gone from the house, the Ecobee smart thermostat would change to 74f from 70. I can’t figure out how to manage this in pistons. It doesn’t seem to trigger off. Id like to set the point to 74 or I could change the comfort setting to the Away mode as well. I would also like to reset the settings once someone comes home.

Any help is appreciated.

Stays is a trigger and usually only one device can be a trigger.

Use this conditional logic:

If “all” phone 1 and phone 2 are not present
Therm is cool
Therm setpoint is greater than xx
Then with therm
Wail x minutes
Set setpoint to xx

If “any” of phone 1 or phone 2 are present
Set point is xx
Then with therm
Set setpoint to xx
Resume schedule

Changes to might be a better trigger to use instead of is present or are not present

If I was to use triggers I would use:

If any of phone 1 or phone 2 changes
—>Then If all of phone 1 or phone 2 are not present

That will keep the trigger but you can’t have both changes to or the piston will not fire.

something like this?

You still have a condition based “If” Block and a trigger based “If” Block. It’s a good rule to keep all Blocks either all trigger based or condition based.

Think of Triggers as action verb: Changes, Rises, Drops, Changes To/From…

Think of Conditions as “The state being” : Is, Were, Changed, Was, etc.

In your first block:

If any of phone 1 or 2 changes
Then put the rest of what you have above under it.

The second If Block is good.

You can import this one or build your own for practice. But this should work for what you need. I typically define devices so all you have to do is change that device and it will populate the all else where it’s used.