[How?] Alert me when presence sensor is away and garage door is open

I’d like to be notified when both my wife’s and my phone are not present, and the garage door sensor is open. How would i go about doing this? I tried using the Notify Me smartapp, but it didn’t seem to let me create a rule to ONLY notify me if my presence sensors (phones) are not present.

Take a look at WebCoRE.

Is that the simplest way to do this? It seems like such a basic thing that I want to do. You’d think it would be natively supported.

I use Stringify to do stuff like this. I don’t think in code. :+1::grinning:

Core seems complicated, but it’s very easy to do things with once you spend a little time with it, and you can get pistons from other users to import and customize for yourself.

Once you get it, you will find it’s useful to do so many things you may find it indispensable. :slight_smile:

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hubby (away)


wifey (away)


garage door (open)


text 8675309 (garage left open :unlock:)


text 5557117 you forgot to close the garage babe, i still love you

end if

I agree. webcore is very fast to compose small apps that are powerful and non existent on smartthings app. I have used stringify but it takes longer than webcore imo. it does offer some integrations and actions not found on ifttt and you can make complex if statements, but it’s slow to create.complex things .the whole dragging the line connector thing idk.

Routines are really the only native functionality that would come close to doing anything like you are looking to do. Routines give you the ability to perform a specific set of tasks, but the triggers that you can select from as to when to execute are only on an actual state changing for a device and not for an existing state of a device (ie: garage door opens when you are both away, not if garage is already Open)

The requirements for your use case are more complex than ST can handle at the moment.

If person A and Person B Presence is Away and Garage is already Open or Garage Opens and Person A and Person B Presence are already Away, then text text text. Something like this will best be served by using WebCoRE. Trust me, there are 1000s of community members that have complex qualifications (if this and this, then that, otherwise do this) and I would say most everyone is using it in some form or fashion for various tasks to be accomplished.

WebCoRE may appear at first to be intimidating or some major daunting task, but once you have installed it, learn a little about it and create your first Piston, you will learn how easy it is. It is almost as quick as setting up an automation using the Smart Lighting SmartApp in ST for something very basic like turning on lights from Sunset to Sunrise. The biggest advantage is that you are almost limitless in what you can do no matter how complex your requirements / qualifications are. Its like being a programmer without having to be a programmer. Give it a shot. You will be glad you did.

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I di with the basic SHM - not as sophisticated as Core or some other methods, but works.

Love that, @Matt_Behnken! :slight_smile: I included it, but if this was my piston I would not, my wife knows that everything is my fault. :smiley:

@hoopitz…here’s a piston you can import and then select your door/presence devices.

I set a five minute timer since ST presence stuff seems pretty unreliable to me at short range, so want to make sure that you’re really gone (five minutes driving away) before sending a warning.

I based this on a piston that I use for my front door (which has a Schlage Camelot smart deadbolt). If the front door stays closed for 10 minutes and is in an unlocked state, it auto-locks. I have a 10 minute timer in that case so that if we’re out in the front yard for a few minutes doing something we can come back in w/out having to enter a lock code.


I retract my earlier judgment about this being difficult. Installed WebCoRE, and it’s amazing!! Really simple to use, also. Thanks for turning me on to it.


Thanks, danabw! I used this as a reference for the piston that I built from scratch. I wanted to get some practice in, so I could get a feel for how it works.


@WB70, could you recommend a pathway to learning to use WebCoRE? Is there a great beginner tutorial somewhere? I poked around on the WebCoRE site (admittedly not for too long) but didn’t see anything that looked approachable.

Hey David,

I kind of did my own research and messing around so I didn’t follow a recommended path.

However, to do things right, I would recommend watching the Introductory Video first:

After that, depending on how comfortable you are based on the video, either watch the new Installation Video below or go through stuff on the Official Community Forum to ask questions or search on things you still need answers to.


I guarantee you will be happy that you went down this path!