What is the Cheapest zwave motor blind controller

I have purchased 15 Somfy LT50 4 wire motors and I want to control them.
I have tried to use the Monoprice Dual Relay Module 11990.
I am using it to control roller blinds up and down with 1 output for up and the other for down.
I have limits on the blinds so I can run over each action.
How do I set the relay for a set time on, like 8-10 sec on?
I have been told I could create a scene that turns the module On and also has a delayed action that turns it back Off after your choice of seconds. But Z-Waver says it will not be a reliable means of controlling blinds/roller shutters.
Z-Waver suhggested I might choose Zipato ph-pan08.us Z-Wave Micro Module Motor Controller for Blinds and Shades or a Fibaro FGRM-222 Roller Shutter 2.
But like I said I need to control 15 motors and want to keep cost down that is why I wanted to use Monoprice Dual Relay Module 11990 any other ideas where or what to buy that will be cost effective.

Hi. Unfortunately I can not answer your question. But maybe you can help me.

Where did you get the motors and how much did they cost?

I’m looking to do the same thing.

The monoprice curtain controllers work. I’ll be in touch with a custom device type.

Great thank you I think I should get the curtain modules. But I see they have a up, down and stop.
My somfy motors are 4 wire up, down, power and ground there is no stop wire.
How do I set up the curtain module to stop when the blind is down fully down and fully up?
My somfy motors have limits on them as well.
Thank you

Got the motors on ebay cheap, brought all the brackets etc for the motors from a company im Fl called Arabel.
PM me is you want any more information.

The Monoprice module with relay output 11993 which output looks like only 14VDC and my motor needs 120VAC. . I already purchased the Monoprice Dual Relay Module 11990 that won’t work and I don’t want to make that mistake again. It looks like I found the ZPPHPAN08US that you recommend for $45.26 ea from Discount Home Automation. Is everyone in agreement that will be my best choice?

Following so if there is a device type I will get pinged.

Any update on the custom device type? Trying to create it myself but running into issues.