Monoprice Z-wave Curtain Relay Module

Any one got this module to function? It has 3 individual relay outputs.
However, it registers as a simple z-wave switch. When turning on or off it cycles through all the 3 relays outputs.

This is the raw description: 0 0 0x1105 0 0 0 5 0x25 0x26 0x70 0x72 0x86

It appears to be similar to the rollertrol DCC-ZWAVE-12R module

Someone seems to have gotten it working on homeseer

Hello rolfl
Like to ask you if you have this relay working with the smartthings. If you have I would like to get one for my curtains. Thank you Jeff

It’s working, I had to install a device handler: NOTashwin : Somfy Z-Wave Shades

Hi that sounds great. could I get the device handler. also would you have a screen shot also that maybe you could share with me thanks alot JEFF

Please note that this driver can’t set any parameters so if you need anything other than default behavior it won’t work for you.

Default behavior of the Monoprice is short momentary closing on relay on one of 3 buttons: up, stop, down.

If I remember correctly the controller always issues a stop first so for example an up command translates to Stop-Up.
I have wired mine into a wireless 3-button wall controller.

Hey. Brand new to Smartthings but I’ve been using a VeraLite for years. Now it’s a slave controller to my new Smartthings hub as the master. Anyway you can set the timers for open and close in the Monoprice curtain control by setting variable 1 and 3. In Verlite UI5 I configure parameters 1 and 3 by setting them with the 1 byte decimal format and putting the seconds I want then hitting configure. I have no idea how to do this in Smartthings but I bet someone knows. Just thought someone might want to know this. I had to figure out the parameter numbers because the instructions are worthless.