Curtain hardware information?

Hello! I’m replacing some windows in my house. I’d like to put in some z wave blinds. I’ve been searching for information, which has been hard to find. Would someone please point me in the right direction to where I can find information? Thanks!

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Are you in the US or the UK?

Personally, I like the Lutron Serena shades. Very smooth, excellent batteries, a number of color choices.

These are not zwave – – they use the proprietary Lutron frequency – – but they do have an IFTTT channel which gives you indirect integration with smartthings which is usually sufficient for window coverings. You will need the Lutron SmartBridge for this.

As it happens, they are on sale right now through the first week of June. They tend to go on sale two or three times a year. Even so, they are more expensive than some of the maker options. So it depends on your budget and your tolerance for complexity.

These have the advantage that the integration is super simple through the free IFTTT service.

The Somfy blinds have also been popular, although the integration is more complex:

Slatted (venetian or vertical) blinds or shades?

For Blinds, tilting will be available within several months, SmartThings integrated via ZigBee.

I’m in the US. I guess I didn’t formulate my question well enough. I’m actually looking for an automated curtain rod that opens from one side only. It should be about 65" wide. These look nice:
but I read that they cannot be opened manually if the power goes out. For the window I’m doing, I’m building a new sill and have access to the junction box below it, so they don’t need to be battery operated.

I found this:

After some extensive research I ended up ordering custom rod from Ali Express:

eRod was too short for my window and other options were just way to expensive or very old tech.

Plus you will need something like:

or (if you don’t need z-wave)

They are terrible. Slow & loud. Difficult to use with curtain modules (requires board level surface mount soldering).

Use dooya from aliexpress.

The Dooya ones look good. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Dooya has a 488 page PDF on their website. I’m reading about the curtain motors. I want to make sure I purchase the right one. Would someone please correct me if I’m wrong on anything?

DT is for the AC curtain motor. I need to purchase the model for 120v because I’m in the US. Then the number 72/52/600 is for the shape of the unit. I can choose whatever shape I want. The the letters S/E stand for standard and electronic radio. I need the E so that it will connect to my Smartthings hub. So, I’ll purchase something like the DT52E. My house is wired with 2-wire. I can run Romex straight up to the motor from a junction box.


My understanding is that Dooya doesn’t have Curtain Motors (DTs) with Zigbee/Zwave (they do have other products with Zigbee though). DT52E has some proprietary 433 Mhz radio.
So basically you have to go with DT52S option (hardwired) and purchase Z-Wave relay separately to hook it up.

The Aeon micro motor controller listed in the thread you posted requires a neutral wire, but my house has 2-wire (black/white/ground). Do you think this relay will work?

Would you recommend another?

Sorry a bit confused here. 3-wire (live(black)/neutral(white)/green(ground) or 2-wire (live/neutral) ?

from I can see Aeon doesn’t require 3rd wire (ground), only 2 wires - live and neutral.

I think this is what you need.

and Dooya:

and connected (someone can correct me if I got it wrong):

2-wire is black/white/bare
3-wire is red/black/white/bare
Ground (bare) is not counted in the wire count
But, some people get this wrong.

According to the diagram, it looks like you’re right and it needs only black and white even though the instructions and the website say it’s 3-wire. Your wiring looks right, but the neutral on the DT52S might need to be split to go to both motor neutrals.

This is helpful. Thanks!

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Ok, I have one more question before I make my purchase. I only need a one-way draw. Can this product be setup for either one-way or two-way draw?,searchweb201602_2_10017_507_401,searchweb201603_6&btsid=8ef8125f-5be7-4c95-860b-f1b837235dfb

You mean opening direction? According to this picture in the description - yes, you can order one-way draw:

There were no options during purchasing. The seller contacted me and asked me if I needed one-way or two-way draw, ceiling or wall brackets, and the exact length.

I have to run about 5 feet of wire from a junction box to the motor. Would 4 conductor thermostat wire be ok? It’s rated for 150 volts.

The instructions came in Chinese. As far as I can tell, the motor takes the full 120v ac, so I ran romex to it. I haven’t hooked it up yet. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

I am looking to purchase the same curtain motor. And also what to control it with smartthing. Have you had time to get it up and working with Z wave??? and what Z wave device did you use. Thanks alot