What is the best thermostat for smartthings - with limitations

I want to install a thermostat that will work with my existing Smartthings system - but I have a couple of limitations:
1 - I only have 5GHz wifi - so thermostats that only work with 2.4GHZ won’t work.
2 - Does it make sense to have a control panel (kind of like a tablet in the wall) and a smart thermostat? Is there an alternative?


I know the 3rd gen nest works with 5ghz. I’m sure there are brands that do also.


The Ecobee3 is a great smart thermostat, but unfortunately it’s not currently 5GHz compatible. Just out of curiosity, what kind of router do you have that doesn’t support 2.4GHz? Or do you just have it disabled for some reason?


I’m with @DParker on this one. Seems very strange to only have a 5GHz signal…Couldn’t you get a cheap 2.4GHz access point?

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My router has both 2.4 and 5 but I turned 2.4 off because I believe that 2.4GHz is not healthy, especially for newborns so in order to reduce exposure I just turned it off and use only 5GHz.

Just get a z-wave thermostat. Much cheaper and with SmartThings you can get the same functionality as Nest, Ecobee, etc.

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This “2.4GHz is dangerous” nonsense really needs to stop.



Etc, etc.


All radio waves are radiation. The frequency is irrelevant.

I remember when microwaves were killing people too.


When material resonates it gets warm, water resonate at 2.4GHz, I’m 70% water - and I understand that the impact is negligible due to low wattage output and distance but no impact at all is better imho. I don’t own a microwave as well, for the same reason.

Back to topic - Honeywell Lyric Thermostat - does it work with 5GHz?
Any recommendation for a z-wave thermostat?
Are there any major problems with Nest manager? looks like Nest does support 5GHz…

are you in the US or Europe or…?

Understandable. Harmonic resonance was ignored in my previous comment.

California US

Lowe’s carries the GoControl z-wave thermostat

Radio CT101 is Z-wave also, so not 2.4 making your body vibrate and overheat.

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Say, you don’t fly or go out into the sun at all, do you?


Seriously, do what you want. I only responded for the sake of others reading who aren’t already familiar with the subject and might get duped into believing this sillines.


Reducing the odds is reducing the odds. So, I can’t quibble over that. It’s for the safety of him and his family, and it’s got me wondering why I’ve not taken it more seriously, considering that we’re in the home more than we’re outside or flying.

No wonder I feel hot all the time!! Wifi and Zigbee lights in my house!! But it doesn’t explain why my girl’s hands and feet are always freezing and she’s always putting them on me!


So I actually have an Ecobee 3 Lite on the way… anyone have opinions on it?

After a fair bit of research, I decided I wanted to get an Ecobee 3. I messaged the Ecobee facebook page person to ask if I could use one but sadly I can’t :frowning:

I don’t think you’ll have any problems with the Lite

The sad thing is, it’s always the “smart” ones that are the most ignorant.

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Maybe that makes me the idiot, but more than likely, it doesn’t.