What is the best Controllers for LED Neon Strips? Gledopto vs Mi-Light/MiBoxer vs Sunricher

Hi There

Hi there a bit of context first, I have an Aeotec V3 hub using SmartThings. I am adding LED outdoors and looking to use a zigbee (this seems to be the common protocol for controllers I have seen fibaro but unsure if their controllers should be of consideration?) controller to control LED lights. I have multiple quotes from a variety of shops, all of them using different controllers.

All Zigbee 3.0, But the only one appearing to pop up on search in the SmartThings app is the “Gledopto” Controllers. I am right in saying these are compatible with SmartThings?

The two other brands are MiBoxer/Mi-Light and SunRicher. I am trying to find out if these controllers can connect directly to SmartThings, and used natively? Then to asses what out of the three is the best.

I have scoured all over each of these three brands websites with no indication it can be controlled directly or indirectly with Samsung SmartThings and needing help to identify if they can be used directly with SmartThings and if they cant directly then how could they be pushed into SmartThings indirectly?

gledopto . com / h-col-388 – ZigBee 5 in 1 LED Controller

The other questions being is their a better brand to utilise to control LED lighting?

I am a novice and don’t hold a coding background so I am hoping the community can help me avoid making the wrong choice and get the ideal set up as I see most of these controllers mention using a Hue bridge but I would proffer to not have to buy a hub for the sake of just getting controllers to work with the Aeotec V3 hub.

I have seen from some forums that Gledopto has had issues using the WW white channel on an RGBWW but I can’t quite tell if the solution has been to install a custom driver to utilise the full features? If this is the case I am hoping this could be explained incase it seems a bit out of my current ability to know how to install a custom driver.

Thank you for the help in this as I am at the end of the trail in trying to find this out, I hope use have the knowledge to help me out and its really appreciated.