What is causing Hub ping in Notification Activity Feed?

ST Newbie here, V2 Hub, latest f/w, setup with a motion/temp sensors, Cree lights, Blink cameras, FirstAlert SmokeAlarm, all is well BUT… Android app Notifications | Activity Feed , as well as the graph.api.smarthings.com Hub is showing a ping every one minute…why? What is source of that event? How can I make it stop?

All it says “Source:Hub, Name:ping Value:ping Displayed Text:ping”

How on earth can I find out what is causing this?

My assumption is that this is its ‘heartbeat’ back to the mothership (ST) to determine if the hub is up or not. I wouldn’t recommend turning it off or mobile app may not operate correctly.

However, I am just a user like you and this is just an assumption, so there might more of an explanation from either @jody.albritton or @slagle.

It’s filling up my notifications on phone, and makes it impossible to find the real events, like intrusions or temperature changes. If this is design intent, it should be corrected.
It seemed to start at some point after I added the SmartTiles smartapp, and/or the Blink Camera’s (did them both same time).

I’ve removed SmartTiles, since it had little/no value-add for me,
and I’ve gone thru the Blink device-handler & smart-app groovy-code looking for such a ping, and it’s not coming from there.

So…on your phone??? I thought you meant the event log…That probably indicates one of your SmartApps is inadvertently doing that…what Community apps do you have?

Doesn’t sound like us. We don’t use “ping” for anything that I am aware of.

I see the ping in the ide for events but certainly have never seen it in the app. Maybe a smart app gone wild?

Any reason figured out. Mine looks like this

Sadly I still have no answer. That is also what mine looks like. How on earth does one debug this thing?

Try this


I’m new here, but it doesn’t look like there are any responses to this original post.
I had the same question; the pings were in the hub event list every 30 seconds.

 'Home Hub (Hub) Events — from hub'

When I clicked on the date/time link for detail, every entry had the same “hubId” (as you would expect) and same “locationId”.

It appears to me the “locationId” in all of the entries matches part of the “user_uuid:” on my Android phone.
So… I’m assuming that’s how the hub determines if I’m ‘Home’ or ‘Away’.

I have the same issue (Is this a real problem?). I have no application installed on the hub. For me it seems that the hub is looking for devices.

The problem is that after a certain period of time, the hub gets saturated and stops responding. A reboot is required to make it work again. Do you think that the “ping” action is the reason?

Please find below a snapshot of the hub’s Events: