Hub/Sonoff activity every 5 minutes?

I was looking at my hub activity and see these entries every 5 mins. They are sonoff devices that are not on at the time and no temp or humidity. Any ideas on what is going on ?

I ahd a similar issue with smartthings power outlet constant pings and random power jumps. It was the appliance I had plugged into it causing the issue for some reason. Not sure if this is helpful to you or not?

I assume that your Sonoff has been Tasmota’d. Five minutes is the default Telemetry Period and is adjustable. Goto your device’s IP address with a browser --> Configuration --> Configure Logging --> Telemetry Period.

Flashed with Eric’s file. Has update interval of 60.

I don’t actually know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if those are responses to the hub sending out a “ping” on the network to see if there are any new devices.

The firmware is set to send a heartbeat to the hub every 5 minutes to make sure that the connection is maintained.

It’s strange…only 2 out of 20 MAC addresses do it.

If you go into the sonoff again and save the SmartThings settings in the config menu, I bet it will start updating. If the sonoff came up before the hub was ready to receive information, then sometimes it will give up and not ever send it. You also have to be using Eric’s custom ST firmware.

Figured it out…Noticed on these devices “:” 's were missing in the network ID, MAC address, of the device in IDE. Added the : and the pings are gone.

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That’s because the reports from the device are no longer going to your device. Try turning the device on or off locally, via the button. The change will no longer be reflected in ST. You know why? That :'s are not supposed to be in the MAC address in the IDE!!! Why would you change it when that is the way the device was generated by the code that works?

Also, when you turn on the device from ST, does it actually update the status in ST? I would suspect that it won’t because the driver is set to update the status when the report comes back from the device, which won’t work not since you changed the ID in the IDE.

That makes sense now that you explain it. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time . The device has been acting odd with communication.ill go back in and fix it.