What humidifier to buy that can be automated

I am wondering whether anyone recently integrated a “dumb ultrasonic humidifier” into their ST system. A lot of humidifiers have timers, and a variety of digital controls which may make it impossible to control the humidifier by simply powering it up. I saw there was a Holmes humidifier with WeMo but I do not have any WeMo devices and don’t want to go down that road… I can certainly buy a basic ultrasonic humidifier that has a knob or physical on/off button on it but I was hoping I could benefit from any research others may have already done.

I would use a humidity sensor in the room to decide when to turn it on or off, or simply go by time. I just want to be able to turn it on/off from ST and Alexa.

Any suggestions?

IMHO, almost any can be controlled. just turn it’s settings to example 90% humidity and control it with Smart outlet and external sensor…


To be honest, It would probably be cheaper to buy a good basic one with a mechanical switch and use sensors.

I used a Harmony to control the one I have but once I got my humidity levels under control by getting other issues under control that was causing the humidity, I haven’t set it back up. You can find Harmony Hubs on EBay for $60 pretty easily.

There is another little small IR Controller that someone has made a DTH for but I haven’t tested it out so i can’t recommend it. But I do know that the Harmony Hub works with most things IR.

check out the zmote

I used this in the nursery, using mechanical controls set to on and just turned on/off via smart outlet based on various criteria. Worked fine.

Thank you all. I am indeed looking at humidifiers with mechanical controls for the very reasons discussed above however it is not always obvious by looking at pictures on Amazon. I found a few fron Crane on Amazon in the shape of cute animals that seem to be controlled by a button and knob so I am planning on one of those for the nursery.

I have done this in the past with ultrasonic humidifiers I purchased from my local CVS or Walgreens but they never lasted long as they were cheaply made and would often get everything wet around them. I was hoping on suggestion for automation compatible ultrasonic humidifiers that you may have found to work well.

Thank you all for your input!

I sometimes use a steam-humidifier for this purpose, only in a mostly-closed bedroom in the winter while occupied. It is a fairly expensive/somewhat inefficient method. But it is dead-simple and cheap equipment. The output is of course super-hot so don’t put it somewhere you would reach in the dark .

Occasionally you need to descale the electrodes which is usually pretty easy with vinegar or something else. Not much risk of mold either.

It will heat the room a little so you don’t want this operating in summer.

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