What happens if you have to replace your hub?

I was just chatting with technical support and not sure I could believe what I heard. If my hub fails for some reason and I have to replace it, he said that I have to start all over again. I understand that I would have to relink all my devices, however he sai all those routines and autmoations that I have spent hours setting up would all have to be reacreated from scratch. Is this true ???

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It most certainly is.
There has been talk of a migration tool but nothing has been forthcoming.
The only glimmer of light in this dark tunnel is that webCoRE will let you backup your rules (pistons) so that you can restore them.
Still a major project though…


you need to post first think later…


It’s ridiculous that the setup can’t be backed up. What year is this again?


With about 200 devices and God only knows how many automations, if my SmartThings Hub went down, I would have to think long and hard about getting another one…Only thing is, with all of the different things I have tied to SmartThings, I just don’t see another feasible alternative out there without paying out the wazoo…

I am steadily moving more and more things over to webCoRE. At least there you can back your Pistons up and then import them in. Still would be weeks of work for me. Yeesh.

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It’s not a suggestion… If your Hub fails, or location is corrupted, or you decide to get a new Hub: There is no migration tool, even for SmartApps, Scenes and Routines.

Glad to hear WebCoRE has stepped up to do their part right, though!!!