What happened to SmartLock?

I am not very sure if the app was called “SmartLock”. I used to have an App on my start page / dashboard to manage my locks because the standard device app makes it really easy to accidentally press the Lock/Unlock button. The smart app was able to tell me if any of my deadbolts are open on the dashboard without giving me an option to unlock. But this app seems to disappeared from my start page for several months now. Any ideas what happened to it? Is there an alternative?

You may find my answer of great stupidity, or I may not have understood the question.
But my 10cts: I use Actiontiles for this.
Buttons can be pin protected.
And you can get the status also in one view.

check in the Life section to see if Smark Lock Guest Access still appears there. If it does appear in that section, you simply need to select it as a favorite to show on your dashboard. If it does not appear there, try to add it in that section… then select it as a favorite.

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Thank you. It was indeed the “Smart Lock Guest Access”. It now requires a separate download. After downloading, it works once again.

But I also noticed that the small widgets on top of Favorites also shows an alert if my doors are not locked although seeing the “All locked” message is more assuring.