Missing routine/smart app?

Since the latest ios updates to ST and my conversion of most of my z-wave and zigbee devices to edge drivers (thank you so much Community) I have noticed that the routine or maybe smart app that always appeared next to my Home tile in the Favorites section of the app and allowed me to Lock All Doors with a single tap is now missing. I could create a routine but not sure how to do this as it is not based on an If condition and needs to appear as a seperate tile and command. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to get this back if possible. As always thanks to a great group of very knowledgeable people.

You’re thinking of a “scene” I believe. It may have been deleted if you removed and re-added the devices. you can create it again from the automations tab and the + sign in the upper right.

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Got it. Thanks.

Could it be the Smart Lock Guest Access which has the “Lock All” Command on it?

May have been. Did that go away?

It is still available.

Go to the Life section. Smart Lock Guest Access should be listed there. tap and hold on it until you get the pop up screen and select Add to Favorites.

found it. thanks