What happened to Birdi?


Does anyone knows what happened to Birdi?

Their websites seems to be down:

Their last post at blog.birdihome.com is over a month old. Also their Twitter seems to be old. The tweets of their leadership (found on the Indiegogo page) also seem outdated.

Are they out of business overnight? Seems like a scam from where I am standing :confused:

EDIT: Check out this post from January: https://adamchandler.me/blog/2017/01/05/technology-is-the-birdi-smoke-detector-system-vaporware/

Shocking :frowning:

“Hardware is hard.” :wink:

I never saw any indication in the Birdi materials that they had any idea of the certification process required for fire safety devices in the US or the UK. It’s lengthy for anyone.

All kickstarter/Indiegogo projects sound great-- that’s the only way they can get your money. But until it’s available to order from Amazon for two day delivery, it’s all just marketing.

I do occasionally back start up projects if there’s a particular form factor that I want to help demonstrate market demand for, or if the company has a legitimate patent and I’m interested in supporting their development work.

But if a product sounds like it’s going to be great for everyone but doesn’t have a unique patent, I wait until it’s in full production before I order. It’s not just that my money might be tied up for a long time. The opportunity cost of expecting a device that may never arrive throws off all of my other home automation planning.

So I stick to the real. Getting that to work is hard enough! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well it is not like backed them. I just like the concept and I was wondering what happened to them. There is no official statement anywhere regarding their fate.

SmartHomeDB do show other items for air quality/control which look even better, though.

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http://birdihome.com/ seems to be back up, the other one is not.

They have a Facebook post from June 5th.

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Thanks! IT is indeed. But not www.birdihome.com, which other links (including Google Search) was pointing to.

I pre-ordered five units directly from the site, not from a crowdfunding campaign so the whole ‘risk of it not happening’ I never signed off on. They stole almost $439.20 from me and the new company that ‘acquired’ them will not respond to questions. I think the only way to get their attention at this point is the Washington Stage AG or a small claims suit.

What in the actual F%&K?! Lovely they have been sold to first alert now.


If any one bought one of these and never received one. Contact me, especially if you are from Washington State.