What Happened this morning?

What just happened???
:start rant:

So this morning I had 2 lights come on in my house at the crack of dawn…one being right beside my bed… after I was rudely snapped out of my sleep pattern and got the lights turned off, my brain started working.

I realized that it was the exact 2 lights that I USED to have a rule set up in Rule Machine 4-6mo ago. I have not used that rule for nearly 6 mo and compound the fact that I removed RM and the rules over a month ago. I also have a “disable switch” that was enabled used to disable such event.

Its like the rule and events still existed in the cloud and ran for some unknown reason.

I would think that local processing would solve a lot of these issues with things firing when they aren’t supposed to and getting things to do stuff when they are supposed to… :end rant:

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Have you checked the ‘recently’ tab on your mobile app and/or ide device events to determine what turned on your lights? And what kind of devices are these lights?

Same exact thing happened to me! I am on the east coast. The 5:21 AM on was not trigged by us or any SmartApp. The 5:30 AM was my wife manually turning it off. What was the time of your event?

Can you check the hub events to see if your hub rebooted around that time? What device the lamp is?

No reboot. It is a GE Link Bulb.

Also, the light turned on by itself at 9:20 AM this morning…

I’ve been seeing this as well. I had a ceiling fan turn off for no reason… Logs show the command originated with the device. I had a contact sensor that couldn’t decide if wanted to be open or closed.

I have a ticket with support… They aren’t sure why… But they were amazed at how bipolar my contact sensor is.

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I also just put one in. Referenced this thread attached my screenshots I posted above.


The two lights that came on were both GE smart bulbs in lamps.

yes… ST app showed the devices as being OFF!!! Nothing in the logs showing that they were turned on.

The only reason I know it has to do with a previous rule I had set up was because I have 4-5 smart bulbs in lamps and the ONLY time these 2 specific lights EVER came on together was because of that rule I had set up.

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Hmm… My light is a GE bulb. But not all off my GE Bulbs came on. I just checked the firmware and it has not been updated.

I also had the same light turn on a few hours later on it’s own. Are all your lights still off?

I had a phantom on early Mon AM. It was a GE switch. I use Smart lighting with it to also turn on a GE bulb in another location as well as garage light wired to the switch.

Nothing indicted other than a physical press of the switch, which did not happen unless I unlocked and re-locked a door (which has a door sensor and was not opened) , or a ghost did it :slight_smile:

As near as I can remember, only time any thing similar has ever happened.

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Only 2 of my GE bulbs came on… both coincidently associated with a non-existent rule that I created 6 mo ago.

Hmm… my bulbs are 10 days old.