What does your ST installation consist of?

I thought it might be fun to have a thread where people talked about the SmartThings installations they’d done. I’ll start with mine. I backed the original Kickstarter at the Enthusiast level, so I started with a fair number of sensors.

3 ST Multi’s installed at front, rear, and door from garage to the house, and exterior garage door
3 Kwikset ZWave locks for the external doors
3 ST multi’s (one for each garage door)
1 ST motion sensor at the front door
3 Presence tags; one for each vehicle
1 Homemade BBQ Smoker monitor using Raspberry pi & a custom smartapp
1 Davis Vantage Weather station connected via smartapp & weather underground
1 Exterior security light connected via a GE on/off ZWave wall switch
4 First Alert Smoke Alarms
3 MIMOLite switches attached to the garage doors


1 Arduino Thingshield + Reed Switch connected to gate at the end of the driveway (I have a range issue on that one)

I haven’t any plans beyond that. Maybe IP cameras when that functionality is deeper, and more exterior security light hookups.

Who’s next?

10 Philips Hue bulbs
2 Philips lightstrips
1 Philips livingcolors
2 GE appliance modules
3 GE outdoor modules
2 Aeon labs smart energy modules (hanging switch)
2 Aeon labs smart energy switches
2 ST motion sensors
1 ST moisture sensor
1 ST temp/humidity sensor
1 Aeon labs multi sensor
1 logitech Harmony ultimate home

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I’ve been using ST since January. Despite the ups and downs of HA systems, ST has been working well for me. To that extent, I’ve continued to add devices to my environment, and it’s become a normal part of our home. Here’s what I have so far (it continues to grow):

31 GE/Jasco switches
10 First Alert Smoke/CO2 detectors
6 GE/Jasco outlets
3 GE/Jasco dimmers
1 Leviton 2-button 2-load switch
2 ST multi’s
4 ST presence tags
1 MIMOLite
2 Utilitech Water Leak Detectors
1 Utilitech 85-Decibels Indoor Siren
5 Schlage door/window sensors
3 Everspring door/window sensors
1 Ecolink motion sensor
3 Philo multi sensors
2 Honeywell thermostats

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I’ve had a heck of a time with the switches in my house; I don’t think it’s wired properly for three way in a way the GE/Jasco wiring would indicate. On/Off switches for single switch lights have been fine though.

How do you like working with the bulbs & the strips? Was it just “fun” or do you use them in their various modes frequently?

I seriously love the philips hue bulbs and its friends and use it on a daily basis and use ST to trigger it 15 minutes before sunset. Never fails me unless there is a server lag. Use quick hue to set the colors and it “sticks” with ST on/offs. I use GoodNight Hello home action to turn it off.

GE outdoor modules works as expected everytime and again I use ST to trigger it 15 minutes before sunset to turn on my holiday lights on the front patio, back porch etc. The lights are Philips LED energy efficient strings of 200 mini colored lights and the beautiful string lights (3 of them). The string lights below is the best purchase I have ever made.

quallizi starry string lights (make sure you buy it from them. There are several fakes on Amazon)

Holy crap! You are one rich dude! :slight_smile:

Hi Jim,

I would agree that three way switches were a PITA at first, but once I figured out how the electrician wired one set of them, the others weren’t too difficult. I have 6 3-ways installed. It all came down to patience, using a volt/amp meter, and several trips to the breaker. Once I was able to identify a traveler wire (w/no voltage) between the two boxes, and the true line/load wires for the lights and main breaker panel, it wasn’t too bad.

The key for me was to just get the main switch (the 45609) to turn on the lights. After that I found a traveler wire (w/no voltage) between the boxes, and the neutral and ground on the other end for the “dumb” switch (45610 aux switch). All that switch needs to do is basically send a signal to the main switch via the traveler wire to tell it to turn on (hence, no voltage in the traveler wire). Once you get one working I think you’ll know what I mean. When ever I turn on the main switch you hear it “click” and the lights come one, but not with the Aux switch. When I use an Aux switch to turn on the lights, you hear nothing - except the main switch on the other side of the room or hallway, like a wired remote control.


Yeah, I wish, and so does my wife! It can get expensive, so I set aside a little here and there and get what I can when I can. It helps to have my wife like this kinda of stuff as well, plus my other hobbies have taken a “funding” back seat.

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Been at it since June

5 Enerwave ZWN-RSM2
7 GE/Jasco Switches, 4 used as "virtual switches"
2 GE/Jasco Dimmers
1 GE Outdoor Module
1 GE Appliance/Light Module
2 Recessed Aeon Door Sensors
2 Kwikset Locks
1 Aeon House Energy Monitor
4 Monoprice Motion/Temp Sensors
2 Monoprice Open/Close Sensor, 1 used for pressure sensor on stairs
2 Hue Bulbs
1 Hue Strip
2 GE Link Bulbs
2 Aeon Multi Sensors
1 Everspring Z-Wave Temperature & Humidity Sensor
1 Wemo Switch
2 Aeon Energy Switch, 1 for Washer, 1 for Bathroom Heater
2 ST Presence Sensors
1 ST SmartSense (old version)
3 First Alert Smoke Detectors
1 CT-30/50 Thermostat, using wifi module with custom device type, was using z-wave but was unreliable.

Not Installed Yet
1 GE/Jasco 3 Way, Not installed ran into 3 way wiring issues
2 Smart Tags, Still playing with not in use.

1 Intermatic HA07, never got it working properly
1 Enerwave ZWN-SC7, waiting on ST Support
3 Cameras that don’t integrate to ST, will be upgrading to some HD cameras that also don’t really integrate.

Awesome Community Apps/Device Types
Nexus 7 Tablet Running HA Dashboard
Computer Hooked up to wall mounted display for HA Dashboard
Web Dashboard for easy control via phones, tablets, computers, etc
Custom Device Type for ZWN-RSM2
VLC Thing, just started working with it for audio alerts

2 Wemo Light Switches, removed and selling
2 Quirky Spotters, removed and selling
1 WInk Hub, Never opened got it free with the spotters
Variety of Wireless fan and light switches I used to use

Future Plans, a lot listing what I can think of off hand in case someone has good suggestions.
Aeon Energy monitors for Dryer, HVAC
HVAC Vent Controls
Add control of 5 separately powered under counter lights
3 or 4 Aeon power strips
2 More GE/Jason Switches
IR Control of TV, Dish, Audio, Fireplace
Some type of driveway monitor, motion won’t work because of deer.
Weather Station
Water Flow Measurement
Salt Level Alart

Since February have 107 connected things, but no locks yet.

Since most of you have Aeon Multi, read somewhere in the community that the firmware can be upgraded. Any help will be appreciated.

Try this:

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Updated it and for some reason it is a little more responsive as far as motion is concerned!

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Holy moly - you’ve really taken this seriously. Has it been fun? Anything in your system that’s fiddly that causes spousal grief?

I’m curious, how does the Aeon Labs Energy Monitor integrate into smartthings? Do you get events of energy usage, or something on a timer, or?

The wife is pretty agreeable so no issues there. The one thing that both of us had an issue with is the ST app being a requirement but with the use real switches as virtual switches and the HA Dashboard and Web Dashboard we’ve got about all the kinks worked out.

The Energy monitor is one of my favorite “things”. It’s V2 and it’s amazing. There is a community device type for it, I log it to xively. It was not far off from the power companies reading this month which made me even happier.

In my case only been over a month so it has been so far:

  • Intermatic controlling water heater.
  • 2 motion sensors
  • 1 Wemo controlling coffee pot
  • 2 monoprice open and close sensors
  • 4 SmartSense Multisensors
  • 1 Z-Wave Siren

In 2 days a Aeon Smart Meter should arrive so I can monitor my power consumption. Where can I find information on using the Smart Meter monitor for generating the graphs?

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I have a suggestion - in addition to (or even instead of) just listing all your devices it would be cool to hear a quick story on your favorite, most convenient, or and innovative thing that you can do with your system at the moment (or maybe that you have planned).

I have ST at two houses so there are 2 hubs. Between the two houses I have almost 50 “things”, primarily:

GE/Jasco switches and dimmers
GE Outlets
ST multis, motion sensors, moisture, and presence sensors
Schlage Camelot locks
Appliance and outdoor plugs
Everspring thermometer
Wink LED bulbs
Quirky power strips
Foscam FI9804
Nest Thermostat
CT100 Thermostat

I think that’s everything. My favorite things recently have been the ability to turn a dumb swamp cooler into something fairly intelligent and using the Schlage locks for convenient things with cleaning folks, Airbnb tenants, etc. The app that randomizes my lights has been great for when I travel also and I still get a smile at least 50% of the time when I get alerts that laundry is done or the mail has arrived. :smile:

I’ve hit all the common issues with dimming LEDs with no neutral. That’s the biggest reason I don’t have every switch replaced. Eventually I’ll just get up in the attic and run a few more neutrals. Luckily I can access almost all my wiring from the attic or basement.

My toughest project is trying to figure out how to handle making a gate latch smart. It’s on the inside of a fence that goes to the alley so I don’t want a latch on the outside but that makes it difficult to open.

I’m curious about the notification you get when your laundry is done. Do you have smart appliances, or are you just watching the voltage on the units? Is there a unit that would cover a 220 volt three prong plug?

As far as my solutions, the only one that’s at all creative is the BBQ Probe. I have a raspberry pi running a nodejs server that serves up temperatures from a custom board for my Big Green Egg. I then have a smartapp that can warn for temperature ranges and so forth.

I think my next job will be to convert the raspberry pi into a smartthings device and expose an oauth endpoint in it so I can have the pi call out rather than having a hole in my firewall that SmartThings calls back in on.

I just ordered the aeon smart energy for my washer and thinking about buying the Aeon DSC10 for my 220 dryer. Have to verify amperage but I’m pretty sure it will work.