What do you use your ST for?

Hi there,

I am doing some research into how SmartThings owners employ the system and associated devices in their homes. I’m interested to know what rules/features/integrations you have running in your setup and I’m keen to hear of all use cases from the mundane and utilitarian all the way through to the wacky & weird.

For example do you only use ST for lighting control, or do you use an ‘All OFF’ switch to set your system to a known state when leaving your home? do you pulse your lights a certain colour upon notification of a particular event? or do you get an alert when your cat passes through the cat flap?

My intention is to pull together a list of all these use cases which I will publish to provide inspiration to new and existing ST users.

In your response can you outline the rule/integration and also the products/devices being used.



Sounds like a fun project. :sunglasses:

The Entire project reports section of this forum is full of people’s Write ups on what they’ve done and how. Lots of great stuff there.


However, just looking through the forum category can feel a little overwhelming as it’s all just one big section. For inspiration, we usually suggest people start with the “get started“ quick browse list in the project reports section of the community – created wiki. Lots of interesting topics there, from “top 10 things to do with SmartThings“ to the “impress your friends” list (secret bookcase room, anyone?)


The wiki has almost 100 quick browse lists organized by subject, from accessibility projects for those with physical disabilities to weather-related notifications. This is a very active and creative community. It’s amazing what people have come up with! :heart_eyes::tada:


Thanks JDRoberts, really helpful.

Seems like there is a good resource there to get me going.

Other users experiences are still welcome though.

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