What does Radon level 8 (Airthings View Plus) mean?

Forgive me if the answer is obvious but I cannot find the answer. I just plugged in my Airthings View Plus yesterday. This morning, I woke up and I saw Radon = 8.

Naturally, I wanted to interpret this. I mean, I understand PM2.5 readings but I don’t know how to interpret a Radon level of 8. So, I went to read a bit. On AirThings websites, they talk about radioactive decay. They talk about how to clear the Radon (venting, fans, etc.). They talk about OK, worrying, and dangerous levels of Radon. However, nothing actually explains what Radon level 8 means (or any other number for that matter). I don’t even know the range of numbers. Is the overall range 1-8? 1-10? 1-50,000?

How can I translate Radon level numbers that display on the AirThings View Plus into something meaningful?

Although the names sound a little similar, smartthings and airthings are two totally separate companies that don’t have anything to do with each other. So I’m not sure how much help we can be here. :thinking: I don’t know anything about that device, except a few people have integrated it with smartthings in the past using Ifttt.

I think your best bet is just to get in touch with the manufacturer. That device uses two different scales so it’s going to depend which one you’re looking at. They should be able to explain all the features to you.

Here’s their support site. They have a bunch of articles about using the radon information.

again, notice that they provide information on two different scales so you’re going to need to know which one you’re looking at. I suspect the best information will be in their own app.

Ah, you are right. I am at the wrong site.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.


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