Multi-sensor 70 degrees WAS 70 degrees - same values

Shouldn’t the was x degrees value be the prior temp if it’s giving me a notification for a new temperature?

I maybe missing something, but i see 4 unique values for the Garage Motion Sensor and no dupe’s. Did you post the wrong pic, cause what is posted is expected behavior.

Yes the line item updates are unique but what good is it to have the WAS (old temp) coming in as the NEW (current temp). I expected a green circle around 67 degrees and to the right under Fireplace “Was 66 degrees” where I can see the temperature is increasing.

Those are two representations, not two different values. I assume they use the word “was” because it’s a running log.

So it’s telling you that at 11:24, the motion sensor temperature was 72°. Then the little colored icon off to the left is just a pictorial representation of that exact same value. It’s saying: “At 11:24, the temperature was 72.” The picture is just a picture of that same report.

They do the same thing for open/close sensors. Notice in my screenshot below how it says the gate “was opened” at a particular time and the icon also shows open.

So it’s just two different ways of showing you the same information.

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Ok - thanks JD, and with the reading I’m doing on your other valuable guidance for noobs I have rules machine app working (thanks for your FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings post) !!! You are very much appreciated!!

Really gonna try and understand this stuff as there is such great potential as the UX for facilitation these automations begins to mature for people like me directly in the app.

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