SmartThings Weather with Air Quality Index request

I use both the built-in SmartThings Weather and the additional SmartSense Weather Station device handler. However, neither Weather option provides the Air Quality Index number. I would like Samsung SmartThings to update these Weather options to include the Air Quality Index number so that I could use the Air Quality Index number as a trigger to turn On/Off and set the Air Purifier(s) throughout the home. That way I could have SmartThings turn On the Air Purifier(s) when the Air Quality Index is high, and turn them Off when the Air Quality Index is low. ‘Saving Energy’!

That being said, does anyone have other solutions to do this?

I think this is the sort of thing that is already flitting around in the system largely unheralded but presumably isn’t ready for prime time yet. If everything is working correctly it seems to be a case of Routines get nothing in the way of events, the Rules API get a bit more, and SmartApps can fill their boots. The API has lots more data that you can read on demand.

The coordinate API presents, and allows apps to subscribe to, airQuality, which includes airQualityIndex (CAQI), as well as ...Amount and ...Index capabilities for no2, so2, co, pm10 and pm25. There is also an airQualityForecast in there. So there is data in abundance if you can get at it.

The Rules API reference suggests that there are Location attributes for FineDust, FineDustIndex, UltraFineDust and UltraFineDustIndex (presumably equating to PM10 and PM2.5) but the other air quality data doesn’t get a mention yet. I’ve not played with them though and the app Routines aren’t exploiting them.

Curiously the device capabilities are for ‘Fine Dust’ and ‘Very Fine Dust’ and ‘Ultra Fine Dust’ isn’t included. Actually I say ‘curiously’ but that might not be worthy of comment at all.

Some of those capabilities are possible ment for air purifiers