What does a customer need to do for SmartThings support to get back to them?

I logged a support case on 12/30 and received a confirmation email but no one from SmartThings has tried to contact me. I a few days after that I replied to the confirmation but still no contact from SmartThings. So yesterday I logged a new case, same issue, received a confirmation email but again, no one from SmartThings has followed up on either case.

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It seems to have been really slow since Black Friday last year. Quite a few people have been really frustrated about it lately. :scream: Did you try using calling?



Like @JDRoberts said, it’s getting worse. I have 3 tickets open for over 2 weeks now without any response from ST.

While one of my tickets isn’t time bound, my other 2 are - and since event logs are only kept for 7 days - the help I needed immediately means nothing anymore. I’ve even updated those 2 tickets and told ST to close them, and I still didn’t get a response.


My experience with support is the oposite, if i drop a mail to support i get a reply within 24hrs

I am in the Uk, no idea if that makes a difference


Took a post to the community but I finally did get a reply and the issue resolved.


My last ticket was opened on 12/10. I’ve yet to receive a response.

I fixed the issue on my own and bought Hubitat, which is not without its own issues, but at least support is responsive.

… Until they grow beyond their resources. But such growth would probably be a good thing for a while.

Personally, I think Samsung is aware that providing adequate support for SmartThings (in its current state) is futile, so they are just ignoring the delays. Why ramp up support resources when the plan is to make the product significantly easier to use ASAP? Yes - there are plenty of good reasons, but there are also good business reasons to not bother. Too bad for us.


I actually just switched back from Hubitat. Their support is fantastic but the platform needs more work.


Like SmartThings under Samsung?

I couldn’t agree more. Great community, support is responsive although a bit slow, having everything local pays off in speed, and it’s easy porting apps and drivers from this platform. The downsides right now are difficulty in few, but pairing certain devices is virtually impossible, especially locks, and there is some odd Zigbee behavior and missed device messages that didn’t happen in ST. I am certain all of those issues can be overcome in time.

No… SmartThings has not grown beyond the resources of Samsung. It’s just that Samsung has decided to not allocate their resources to ST.


How does that differ from what I said? Just because it’s an artificial limitation, doesn’t change the accuracy of my statement.