Share your daily automation Settings (2021)

Hi everyone, I am a newbie in smart things. Recently, I want to install some smart devices in my home and design some automation rules. Could you share with me your daily automation rules set?

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This is always an interesting question, and people will have many different answers. :sunglasses:

Some people are only interested in very practical matters, like controlling when lights come on.

Others get into home automation as a hobby and do all kinds of fun and impressive things that you wouldn’t do without home automation. Like having a smart speaker announce when a particular person has come home even if that person lives by themselves! :wink:

There have been a number of threads in the past discussing this issue. Because the Samsung SmartThings ™ platform has gone through so many changes over the years, the specific methods for accomplishing these automations may be different today, but the goals will be the same, so you should still find it interesting. Just do check the dates on the posts: anything which is more than one year old probably has a different set of devices and rules today than it did when it was written.

(In particular, projects which were done with “routines,“ “core,“ or “rule machine,“ would today be done with “scenes,“ “automations,“ “webcore,“ or “the new rules API.“)

Here’s one of the popular intro threads. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

And some more from a practical perspective:

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What are your practical use cases for automation, no "fun" things?

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And here’s my own project report on the topic:

Adding Home Automation in Phases: my limited investment strategy


And here’s the “impress your friends“ list for some of the more creative and fun projects, everything from magic wands to a secret bookcase room. :wink:



I have a few that run.

  • Furnace humidifier. In the winter it gets quite dry inside. I use Smartthings to control when the humidifier is turned on. Smart Furnace Humidifier Control
  • If left open between 10pm and 8am, close my garage door. (via Webcore)
  • Between 10pm and 7am, if the front door closes and is not locked, lock it. (via Webcore)
  • If I tell Alexa Goodnight, close the garage, lock the doors and turn off all the lights that are in public areas.

Welcome to smartthings! I’m fairly new also. I am in a rented property which makes things a tad more tricky (hence fairly simple or basic) but some of my favourites are:

  • motion lights that adjust the brightness depending on time of day (I dont think I can go back now! e.g
    only turns on if it’s too dark in the room)
  • TV auto turns on (I am usually first up in the morning and I like to watch the news so I use a harmony (RIP) hub to choose the right channel+input and the “only once per day” feature with a motion sensor)
  • security automatically turns on when away (no security camera is on when I am home /not asleep improving privacy and makes sure I don’t forget to make the house secure)
    -garden light turns on for a period of time when the door or gate opens (at night only)

Automations can be really dependent on your needs/schedule but the best one are those that not only you don’t need to think about but also that anyone you live with doesn’t need to think about either (nothing worse than the mrs complaining about an automation…)


Thank you JDRoberts, I think it is easy for me to control a single device and set some basic rules, such as adjust the Philips Hue. I am also curious about some group automation features with multiple devices. I found some interesting functions in the smart home AD, they set the automated function to several scenarios, such as the candlelight dinner scene. While I think these are just for advertising purposes, I prefer to get some practical combination suggestions from experienced users :smiley:

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Yes, I have rhinitis. A humidifier would be a good idea!

I think TV auto turns on is cool, what works best when you want to turn it off at any time?
Like voice control or motion sensor?

I personally use voice/remote but could easily set it to stay on for a set amount of time or turn off when I leave home or something like that

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