What do YOU use to develop for SmartThings?

Anytime I want to write a SmartApp or Device Handler, I just use the IDE window and do the best I can…But I’m writing really simple easy stuff…some of you guys, like with CoRE and Nest and etc…that’s thousands and thousands of lines of code and I couldn’t imagine writing all of that just in the IDE.

What are you guys using to do your development? If you are only using the IDE, then even more props to you. I’m spoiled using Visual Studio at work all day. Are there any applications that make development easier? I’m a SQL Developer, so I use SQL Server Management Studio all day at work. I also do some playing around with C# / .NET in Visual Studio. So I’m used to coding in “assisted environments” as I’m labeling it…things like syntax highlighting, type ahead, debugging tools, stepping through code, etc. These are all things I feel like I can’t do without when I’m developing something.

Is there anything out there that has anything like this for SmartThings Groovy?

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Netbeans. It can handle Groovy with contextual prompting.

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Great idea! I use NetBeans for other stuff but just NotePad++ for SmartThings.

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I’ve tried a couple of things, but I’ve found the easiest to be Notepad++ with the language set to javascript.

I also have a VB/C# background so transitioning from Visual Studio was difficult, but I’m used to it by now.

When I first started developing things for SmartThings I kept getting hung up on some of the Groovy quirks and SmartThings doesn’t provide any debugging or testing tools so I found the site Groovy Web Console really helpful.


I use Atom and install Groovy language support package.


(I’m surprised I’m not the only one with a PC, not a Mac)

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Notepad++ with Groovy syntactical highlighting installed. Notepad++ has been my go-to editor for years, most recently for Lua at work, C/C++ prior to that, and html/css/php for at least a decade. And other obscure languages!

Also a long-time user of Tortoise Git for aforementioned languages…

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Visual Studio Code here :blush:

Lol… I didn’t even think about NetBeans!

I have always used the ST IDE