Advanced App Developers: What environment are you using?


First off, apologies if this has been asked before. I tried searching a bit, but I’m posting from my phone so I didn’t look very long.

For those of you who are fairly advanced app developers in this community. What environments are you guys using to develop? I feel like developing a huge app like Rule Machine or something would be extremely cumbersome to develop using the IDE provided. I’m a SQL DB Developer and I use Microsoft SQL management studio, using syntax highlighting, keyboard shortcuts, type-ahead, etc etc. I would go crazy if I had to develop using essentially windows notepad.

Many times I will use Notepad++ with a custom language loaded up for Groovy and modifying it as I develop to have some of the more specific smart things lingo in it.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

I use Notepad++ (I guess I should share my Language file?) and SourceTree (git GUI for Windows or Mac).

But @pstuart may want to share something special…

(Kevin) #3

I also use notepad++.

I tried using one of the language files someone posted, but I didn’t like it so I’ve been setting the language to javascript instead.

(David) #4

I use TextPad 5 for work and play. :slight_smile:

(The fish is still dead.) #5

Atom for editing, Tower for my git client.

(Ben W) #6

Mostly ST IDE, Github and Gitkraken (like sourceTree but runs on Linux). I hate copy and pasting around. Often during development you have to be able small changes and test it out. I do miss stepping through code when there is an issue. This has worked well with Nest-Manager with 3+ contributors. ST makes it easy to check in code from the IDE.

Atom is my goto editor for HTML/Javascript/CSS and IntelliJ for Java/Ruby/Python.

(George) #7

Notepad++ with a language file I found somewhere

(John S) #8

Microsoft Code is free and does groovy syntax highlighting - - and there are a few groovy environments out there that work with whatever OS you’re using which are helpful for working out the pure groovy bits of an app.