I’m a little disappointed in the IDE, I’m hoping in the future things will be a bit more open so that a desktop IDE or text editor can be used instead, i.e. a file system available to be mounted. Something simple as a search doesn’t even exist in the web IDE which makes it very difficult to understand some of the example code out there. I know that I can copy and paste and that’s what I’ve resorted to doing but that makes for a longer workflow copying and pasting code around.


I wonder if there is a practical way for SmartThings to produce plug-ins for popular Java/Groovy compatible IDEs (Eclipse, Netbeans, … <your favorite here>)?

I also have resorted to copy out / paste in. Yech.


@gschrader, @tgauchat – Yeah, I totally agree with you guys - I’d personally prefer to write my code in vim.

One of the ideas that we’ve tossed around a little bit is git integration - I’d love to be able to write code in my chosen editor, then push to the SmartThings IDE to run in the simulator. Mounting a “drive” via WebDAV might also be interesting.

The hard part is that SmartApps aren’t stored as files, but rather as objects in a database - so it’s a non-trivial amount of work to implement and won’t be a priority in at least the next couple of months.

Thanks for the suggestions though, and keep 'em coming. I’ll make sure that they get funneled into our product planning discussions.

yeah git would be nice, I have to admit I find it a bit confusing when I publish, there must be a time delay or something until it gets propagated to the smartthings app, if I was able to do a git merge to a branch that might make it clearer (or not, I’m still learning :)). Integrating with a real IDE (my favourite being IDEA btw) as then we could have some code completion. My first coding was to display temperatures in celsius, it would have been nice to figure what other methods that come off of zigbee.parseSmartThingsTemperatureValue. There are probably docs somewhere but to have it right in the IDE would be ideal.


In the meantime, can we get documentation on all of the public methods & attributes of class zigbee.* and zwave.* (and others we might not have discovered?), please?