Your Development Enviornment?


What IDE is everyone using. I am contemplating both Eclipse and JetBrains InteliJ. Any pro’s / con’s for either option. Any and all tips and suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind, I am new to Java. This is mostly to develop my own custom device types. I do plan on hosting on github, so integration is a must.

(Ben Lebson) #2

I use the SmartThings IDE because I’m a glutton for punishment…


You probably already know this, but just for clarity, , SmartThings is not running Java. They are running their own groovy variant. There’s no way to load your own libraries, for example. You just have to use what’s there.

And I don’t think there’s anyway to link the SmartThings simulator to an outside IDE. So it depends in part on how you like to test.


(Mitch Pond) #4

If it’s something quick, I’ll use the ST IDE. For anything more involved, I use Having Git plus stshell/stsync can make it a nice, organized, quick dev environment that is accessible from pretty much anywhere. If the ST devs would run a c9 instance instead of the current IDE, I would be so happy :smile:

Although if you’re looking for something that you can use for local Java development too, I do like IntelliJ.


I have PHPStorm that I love, after switching over from Eclipse for PHP so that is why I looked into IntelliJ. I might look into seeing if there is syntax highlighting for groovy in PHPStorm first and try that. Currently, I am using Sublime Text and git locally, but looking for something a little more cohesive. I am very surprised to hear most people are just using the ST IDE.

(joe) #6

I also use the SmartThings IDE. It works OK for me as long as I keep the apps/devices small.

(The fish is still dead.) #7

I use Atom for editing and Tower for my git GUI.

(David) #8

I write my code in TextPad 5 and paste it into the IDE (for testing) or commit it to my GitHub repository using GitHub Desktop.

Still teaching myself the language, but I will eventually migrate to something more native to the language eventually. Never Eclipse. I loathe Eclipse at work… I will not use it in my “spare time”. :laughing:

(Neil Cherry) #9

Long time emacs user here. Been using that since 1978. It’s a hard habit to break. I’ve never really picked up on things like eclipse. It’s emacs emulation is lacking. I tend to write my code in emacs, copy-n-paste into the IDE and save it that way. Is there something else?


Thanks for all your answers. You gave me a few new ideas like Emacs, and GitHub Desktop. I will probably just maintain my current setup for now.