What benefit will Smartthings give me?

So i have recently bought a Nest Protect, Honeywell Evohome central heating control system and some Philips Hue lighting, i also have Sonos which ive had for years. I am interested in Smartthings but cant see what benefits i will get from it other than controlling things from one app and not three (i understand evohome is in beta testing with smartthings)

Ive looked at the smarttthings kit and am not sure where / why i would use the motion sensor and multi sensor as i control my lights from hue switches and without adding the multi sensor to every door and window it doesnt stack up as a security system (or without a camera and siren).

Dont get me wrong i think the concept is great and want to buy one but there appears to be a lack of devices in the UK for it which would make it very useful, especially light switches (i would like the doorbell and the aeon multi 6 sensor which is coming soon looks interesting and smart lock) but im really struggling to justify the benefit it would bring me over what i have now.

I would love to know your thoughts and how you use your system etc.

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Your correct, the lack of UK devices is really annoying.

In terms of benefit, its linking all them systems together. SmartThings is designed to be the central point for all your systems and link them together. So you could link your heating system to your presence (using ST presence sensor) and your lights to a ST Motion detector.

Dont know why but you might want a voice alert when your heating system comes on (using your Sonos and Honeywell).

SmartThings is still a long way from being 100%, but when it works - it really does amazing things. My otherhalf thought it was a waste of money to start with, but now things are starting to make things easier we couldnt live without it (motion sensing lights which turn off when we leave the room, heating system which doesnt come on if we are out and an extra layer of security using the ST security).

I seriously wouldnt suggest using ST for anything major or important (at the moment), but for the sake of £99 it might be nice to tie all your systems together.


Thank you Kraeg into your insights. What do you mean by ‘when it works’? sounds like it may be a little buggy at the moment software wise, or are there hardware issues?

It sounds like you have some of the ST components too, motion sensing for the lights is one of the things i am very interested in, especially with a newborn on the way, so that getting up at night some lights come on at low level automatically for example. How many sensors have you had to buy to achieve what you want? Is there a particular lighting system you have? i love the hue system but the lack of light switches to replace what exists in the wall already is very frustrating.

ST is a little buggy at the moment, its almost like its still under development and they are finding their footing. If you look over the forums there are countless issues with different bits and pieces, but in general it works. Its why I wouldnt use it as a primary security system or rely on it to do anything serious.

There arent any hardware issues that i’m aware of, but make sure you stick with UK only devices and run a quick forum search for a device you are looking at before buying it. You could end up buying a bit of kit which isnt compatable as that device manufacturer has taken a procol into their own hands and changed it.

Motion sensors and lighting works flawlessly, it actually runs on the hub locally (I believe the only thing that does at the moment) so even if your internet goes down, it still works. I’ve found that buying the ST motion sensors works instantly with turning lights on, but I have a AeonLabs motion sensor and there is a 2-3 second delay before the light comes on (just enough time for you to stub your toe on something)

One sensor per room is normally enough, just getting the placement right. Dont have them facing directly at a window (unless you want to pick up people outside) for example. I have lots of the Phillips Hue kit (about 8 bulbs, the light strip and a couple of blooms) I also have a Hue tap but not sure if I like it or not as you cant turn off just one bulb with it, turns the whole dam house off.

The contact sensors are also good for lighting - good on a bedroom where motion sensors arent viable. If you put motion sensing lighting in a bedroom, you’ll have the lights coming on every time you roll over in the night.

You need to sit and think what would be nice and find the device to do it


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Thank you, very helpful. I know what you mean about the hue tap and turning the lights off. if only you could press the same button to turn the light off it would be perfect.