Is Smart Things the right way to go?

Hi! Im a current user of Smartthings, I have it in my appartment to basically control lights, some sensors, and minor things. It works ok, I cant conplain…

Now my parents are buying an appartment and they have asked me if I could install ST for them, their appartment will be much much bigger, and they want to be able to control more things. For instance what they want to do with the home automation:

  1. Manage sound: Different zones, different volumes or song/audio selections
  2. Control Shades (motorized)
  3. Control on/off of the chimeny (fireplace)
  4. Control lights / sensors
  5. Control projector lift and projector screen
  6. Control TVs/Direct Tv

Is everything of these possible with Smart Things? If so, from 1 to 10 how easy is to implement? Im not a programer, but I understand a bit and can follow instructions.

Thanks for your advice!

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SmartThings is not the best fit for some of the things you mentioned. Where do your parents live (country) and what’s their general budget?

In particular, I would not use SmartThings to control a gas fireplace, Samsung themselves say it should not by used for anything that might affect personal safety, and control of a gas fireplace definitely fits that category.

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Hi JD, thanks! I understand the fireplace issue. Well budget is not much, initially they were considering Control4 but costs were too much, thats why I let them know about ST.

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I don’t think you’ll easily get full control of all those features through smartthings (and I agree with the fireplace safety issue).

The home entertainment and shades would be more easily accomplished through a Harmony Hub remote setup, and something like Sonos for the multi-room audio. That said, smartthings might be able to tie some of those services together.

For a basic user, I would only use smartthings for basic lights/sensors/etc.

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I cannot recommend Smartthings to anyone starting out from scratch. I don’t know what to recommend in its place. Those of us that are already here will hang out until they run it into the ground and then will have to find another solution.

I’m very disappointed with their decision to disontinue the thingshield and fear it is the first step to creating a more slosed environment in the future. Given the only thing ST has going for it is the open culture that the patform currently allows, any hint of closing that down is very concerning.

Thin thingshield was so popular, they couldn’t ever keep it in stock and the only “official” answer they gave on why it was discontunied was because it wasn’t very popular.

Their business model is flawed (“Give me $99 and I’ll give you a cloud infrastrucutre to make it all work forever”) and until they share how they are going to make the platform make sense for them financially, I cannot recommend it to anyone.

If you haven’t bought anything yet, I urge you to look elsewhere. Otherwise, you may find yourself disappointed when they change the rules at some point in the future.

That has been my experience, and judging from what I’ve read in this forum for 1.5 years, most people’s experiences as well.

OP wants a system that can integrate many different devices, is relatively easy to use and doesn’t cost that much. ST can integrate a lot of stuff and it doesn’t cost that much. But their idea, which is great, has been executed poorly for a long time now.

If you want to setup ST for someone else, expect to be their (frequent) maintenance person as well.

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Honestly @frantona, ST can do pretty much everything you require, with the caveats listed in this thread.

Despite other opinions, I find ST to be a fairly simple entry-level system that is also fairly versatile and has awesome community support.

The near future is bright, despite that the long-term may be bleak.

Wow! Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. I its for sure of great help. Also to the others who took the time to give their opinion, thanks!! I can see this community is very supportive!