What about hugOne?

Since SleepSense is still nowhere in sight, does anyone know about hugOne?


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I just ordered one this morning! :sunglasses:

It looks interesting. I’ve been watching this company for a while because they have a remote that’s promising the sun and moon but it’s nowhere near release yet. But the sleep sensor is out. And it’s also a VOC air quality sensor if you’re interested in that. WiFi

It has an IFTTT channel so you can get indirect integration with SmartThings that way.

I’m not 100% sure it’s going to work for me, because I have a very irregular schedule and this does some odd thing where the mini sensor won’t transmit “at night” it just records, and then it transmits later. I want it to turn lights on and off when I got up, but I’m not sure it’s gonna do that at four in the morning. I’m just going to have to see how it gets set up.

But I’m impressed with the design, and I thought it was worth a try.


Okay, looked at the IFTTT channel and I’m going to give it a try. Just ordered one.

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Is it working for you? I’m going to give mine one more day, and then probably return it. It’s just not working in a way that meets my needs.

The air-quality sensor seems to be fine. Connectivity works well. And I can get the IFTTT recipes to work.

My problem is that for whatever reason, it takes about two hours before it knows that I got into or out of bed. I’m not sure, but it may be that it’s not actually actively reporting from the bed sensor until it reaches its scheduled “go to bed” time and its scheduled “alarm” time. So if I get up two hours before the alarm is scheduled to go off, it doesn’t trigger anything locally or via IFTTT.

I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling it suspends polling the mini hug until the scheduled times. Although it does continue to give me temperature and humidity before bedtime. So as I say, I don’t know exactly how it works.

All I do know is that it’s not working for me the way I wanted. :disappointed_relieved: The VOC sensor is fine, but I don’t want to pay $180 just for that. It would probably be a good smart alarm clock, but that’s not what I was looking for. I have a very irregular sleep schedule. I want to track sleep across all 24 hours, but have a reminder about when to go to bed at a regular time. But it looks like this is not the device for that purpose.

I’m still on the fence. It does seem to get the “go in bed” and “get out of bed” times correctly for both my wife and I.

I am not entirely sure what the miniHugs are sensing. Clearly temperature and humidity, but I’m not sure how useful those are considering the sensors are buried under the covers. Apparently motion is sensed and this may very well be the only sensor that even tries to measure sleep.

Also, the software is clearly version 1.

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Many of the fitness trackers have sleep trackers that work well. Jawbone is good. :sunglasses:


Did you try running and IFTTT recipe off of that? I still can’t figure out why mine are running two hours late. :persevere:

Yes, and the times were correct. Is it exactly two hours off. That might make me think timezone issues?

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I’ll check and see. Good thought. :sunglasses:

Heard from their support. This is disappointing:

For the IFTTT trigger, unfortunately, as your Sleep Sensor stops emitting at night we cannot know the time you wake up to trigger the event, it is based on the alarm if you set one in the app or on general habits.

So that’s useless for my purposes.

The company has this idea that parents won’t like the mini hug in a child’s bed if it’s transmitting While the child is actually in the bed. (This may also be a battery saving step.) So once you get into bed, the sensor stops transmitting until the time you set an alarm for. then it checks in again and uploads the night’s information.

That’s doesn’t work for me, since essentially it’s putting the IFTTT recipe on a “not before” time trigger rather than a sensor trigger.

It also doesn’t work as a sleep tracker for me because it doesn’t catch naps.

If somebody was willing to pay the cost, it could be a good VOC air-quality sensor with an IFTTT channel. That information comes from the plug-in main unit, so it should work all the time, although I haven’t tested it.

Im interested in the product. If i set the sleep time for 9:00pm and fall asleep at 9:45 will it send an iftt trigger to smartthings so it would change the mode to sleep?

Not if you have more than one person in your family and are using more than one of the sensors.

The IFTTT integration on this device was obviously an afterthought and it just is weird.

They had made the design decision that the little sleep sensor that goes in the bed would not transmit to the main unit while a person was actually in the bed. That was to assuage European concerns about EMF transmissions while people are sleeping.

Then they went even farther and decided that how it would work is that the mini sensor would just record up until the preset alarm time. Then it starts transmitting to the main device again.

Only the main device has an Internet connection so it is the one that triggers the IFTTT channel.

As far as going to sleep, the IFT TT channel only allows for a trigger when everyone is asleep. All sensors. So if you go to sleep at 9:30, but your spouse doesn’t go to sleep until 1030, the IFTTT Channel will not be sent the trigger until about 1045.

The waking up trigger can be done by individual person, but the main unit doesn’t even check the mini sensor until the alarm time has passed. So if you have your alarm set for 8 AM but you get up at 6 AM, your IFTTT getting up trigger won’t fire until about 815.

If you’re the only one in your household and you were only using one of the sensors then, yes, you can trigger an IFTTT recipe after the mini sensor thinks that you have gone to sleep. In my experience that was about 20 minutes after I got into bed but before I actually fell asleep. It probably depends on how much you move around in the bed.

So its just my wife and I. I dont want the good night routine to fire unless we are both asleep so in that aspect its fine. We usally got to bed around 10:45 and i have it set that if not motion is detected in the house at 11:00 to put the house into good night mode. I was thinking with this and IFTTT i can set bed time on the unit to 9:00 pm and for those days we want to go to early from 9-11 then the unit would then put the house into good night mode when we both fall asleep arming SHM, my arlo cameras and turning everything off.

Would this work?

I think so but I didn’t test that exact configuration. But I believe the mini sensor does tell the main sensor that it is shifting to its sleep mode, that’s when the IFTTT sleep trigger gets sent.

If it was me, though, I would want my house to go into night alert mode once I was in bed, not wait until15 minutes after I had actually gone to sleep. But that’s just a personal decision.

What do you mean by night alert mode?

Whatever you call it at your house when someone moving around would set off your alarms. At our house we actually call it “asleep.” (But that would’ve been confusing given the point I was trying to make.)

It sounds like at your house that’s called “good night” mode. :sunglasses:

Gotcha so basically your saying you would rather have a device trigger that mode based on both users being in bed and not asleep. That would be nice but my use case would be a step forward for us for now as some days we fall asleep at 9ish and that leaves 3 hours of exposer with our security.

Understood. You can always try it and see how it works for your situation. :sunglasses: