Temp, CO2, Humidity, and VOC in one sensor?

Hi, I’m thinking about adding a sensor to my product in order to indicate the Temp, CO2, Humidity, and VOC levels.
Is there a single sensor (with a reasonable price tag) that can do it all?

Bosh has the BME680 but I’m looking to see if there are others with more abilities maybe? or same abilities by other cheaper manufacturers

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Netatmo weather station can do all except VOCs, I think.

Yup, this is a product. but I’m looking for a sensor. with low power consumption and temperature accuracy of ± 0.5 °C

The HugOne from seven hugs (a French company) does all of that. It has a main unit and then comes with two individual sensors which are intended to be used as sleep sensors. It has an IFTTT channel for the sensor readings other than the sleep sensor. Seems well-made and looks very modern. But it’s quite expensive. And the mini sensors won’t report during the night so the IFT TT it channel for the sleep sensors just doesn’t work very well. If you get up early, it won’t tell you because it doesn’t even check until your alarm time. But the other IFTTT triggers come from the main unit, so they should work better

Sorry, just realized you were looking for a sensor to add to another device. I’m going to leave my previous post up for those who are looking for a ready-made unit.