Wemo Update issue

I have a wemo insight switch - when I tried to set an “auto off” rule, a popup says that I needed to up date the insight. However when I hit the yes to upgrade nothing happens. As well, there isn’t any link for updating the insight in the wemo settings section . Anyone else have this problem? What is the resolution?

I am very frustrated> I like the on off remote feature-but bought the insight switch to be able to program on off times.
The app does not show an update available -not until I try to program the auto off feature. Then as I close the auto off programming feature- I will get a pop up that tells me that this feature needs to have a firmware update to work. Support tells me that I have an old (wemo_ww_2.00.3007.pvt) firmware on my insight switch. The nice lady from the Fillipines tells me that I need to open more ports on my router which doesn’t make sense to me since I can remotely operate the switch, which means that ports are open to allow communication with the device. I am sorely disappointed with this item and wonder if it really is ready for prime time. I have spent many hours on this and am about to return them to Best Buy.

If I go into the Wemo app and click settings and about, the firmware option pops up within a second.

As for the ports - ignore that.

I have 4 of them, and they work fine.

I went out and bought a plain wemo switch versus the insight version. THis time I can initiate an auto off command without the popup saying I need to update the device. However, the switch doesn’t turn off after the programmed 10 minute test time. IS ANYONE ABLE TO GET THE AUTO OFF FEATURE TO WORK?