WeMo, Pairing Issues, and Routines not working correctly

I have been waiting for help from ST support since November 25 with very little replies or help. I hope the forums can assist me.


The issues with the WeMo devices are as follows

  1. ST doesn’t find all of my devices since I initially had to remove WeMo connect. I remove it because ST was showing all of my wemo devices as offline. I was able to have it find 4/6 devices. Two motion sensors and two light switches.

Den Motion
Butler Motion
Holiday Switch
Vera Switch

  1. It found my holiday switch and my den motion sensor. Fantastic! However when I try to use the lighting smart app the only motion sensor I see is the butler one.

In the things settings I do not see my Holiday switch but rather the den switch.

So why am not seeing my motion sensor and why is the switch shown by a different name? The devices are labeled correctly and working fine on the WEMO app. I even reset them.

GE Outdoor Plug

Will not pair. I have excluded and tried to include it several times waiting a few seconds between button presses. I have tried it at different distances as well. I have tried 2-5-10-15 ft. It excludes but never includes. Tried this for 30 min waiting 2 minutes between pairing per. I have also run a few Zwave repairs.

Support told me to remove the airgap but didn’t explain what that was. I asked for clarification and that was 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard back.

“First, resetting by pulling the ‘airgap’ can get a switch talking to the hub again.”

GE outdoor Plug http://www.amazon.com/GE-Wireless-Lighting-Control-Outdoor/dp/B0013V8K3O%3Fpsc%3D1%26SubscriptionId%3DAKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q%26tag%3Dduckduckgo-iphone-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3DB0013V8K3O

Door Sensors

Cannot pair a door sensor. Same steps as above for the plug except ST will not pair it. It is excluded from previous hubs and has a new battery.


Another issue is that the routines do not work. I have a routine set to go to away mode if everyone is out of the house. It sees my phone and me and my wife via life360. I left and even though my wife is home the hub doesn’t acknowledge her and goes into away mode so I get intruder alerts for hours.

I made 4 IFTTT rules per Wemo. Works almost every time. Only real solution as ST integration never seemed to work…

Create 1 virtual switch in ST. Link to IFTTT.
Virtual Switch On -> Wemo On
Virtual Switch Off -> Wemo Off
Wemo On -> Virtual Switch On
Wemo Off -> Virtual Switch Off

Good luck!

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Thanks but I don’t think that would work for me. I want my WeMo motion detection to turn on my Zwave light when motion is detected.

Your method is a good workaround to get the other WeMo devices to do something as ST doesn’t see a lot of my devices or labels them wrong.

Hmm. I wonder if you could do it with a simulated motion sensor modified to accept input. I feel like @Ron mentioned a way to do that with a simulated presence sensor. Sorry if I remember the wrong person.

I don’t recall anything about a simulated motion sensor so I think I am the wrong person. Sorry…

Don’t be. Sorry. Can’t remember who it was. It was for moving presence sensors to IFTTT. Oh well.