Wemo mini issues under new app? Network unavailable?

I had a wemo mini switch working fine under ST Classic app. I started using the new app, but did not do any sort of migration of devices. It all seems to work. Except, the wemo mini seems to not always turn on or off as directed by an automation under the new app. Today, upon manually attempting to turn it off within the ST new app, it said network unavailable.

Any ideas how to fix? Any others with same problem?

All my WeMos are offline since moving to the new app, but I think it’s because WeMo upgraded their app security to require login authentication, and there’s no way to do that in either the legacy or the new ST apps.

They should work. I was using them for several weeks after Wemo implemented their new cloud.

Have you tried going to menu > settings > linked services and just click through the Wemo setup

Hooked up a wemo switch I use every year for the Christmas tree, and it won’t connect properly to SmartThings device that’s been in my ST for years. Get the network error also.

I don’t have wemo listed under linked services. Any idea how to add it?

I too have just dusted off my (now non-working) Wemo switch for the Christmas tree :grin:… would also like to know how to add it as a linked services. I did delete the old offline Wemo device from my ST app, but it would not discover the device again. Related question - is there a custom DTH needed?

There should be an integration > + (plus) > device > by brand > Belkin.

Whether it works or not… I can’t say. I gave up on Wemo after they introduced their new cloud earlier this year.

I had a Wemo I didn’t care much about offline for months. It was disconnected from the net and the Wemo app too. I unplugged it, replugged it in. It connected to the Wemo App fine. But it didn’t to ST. So I resorted to going into the the Graph API website, finding it, and simply going into its details and, without changing anything, clicked “update”. That then showed it Online in Graph API. It soon reflected on my ST app too.

Was there an easier way to do this? Could I have avoided the Graph API site?