Wemo bulb: difficutlies

Is anyone else finding that the belking wemo bulbs are not found by the hub? I can’t get them to add. Any suggestions?

Many thanks


Hey James! What model of bulb are you trying to pair?

I moved my WeMo GLS type from the V1 hub to V2.
when I paired the v1 originally, the WeMo flashed to let me know the pairing was OK. Moving it to v2, I had to reset the bulb by turning off and on a few times.
So, coming to pair it with the v2, I thought I had problems, as, when putting the hub into pairing mode, it never seemed to find the bulb. However, when I went in to add something else, the App reported that there was 1 unconfigured device - the WeMo.

Just check that it isnt already there?

Hi Tyler it is the A19 with e27 fixing. From UK starter kit 2 bulbs and the wemo hub. Does this make a difference. Thanks James

Just before I pull the trigger on buying 2 new Wemo Bulbs - can anyone confirm that they do / don’t work with the Smartthings hub in the UK?

Failing that what is likely to be the cheapest (and best) bulb only solution that works with the Smartthings hub here in the UK?

Would love to go Phillips Hue but I can’t justify the amount of money needed. Thought Wemo Bulbs at £20 would be perfect.

Interested in this also if someone’s got some information :slight_smile:

Hue is releasing a line Of new products, including a new “Hue white” which should begin selling on Amazon UK in November. The cost will be about half that of the previous model (so Hue White replaces Lux), comparable with most other smart bulbs. Also brighter than the previous model.

I think those are well worth waiting for.

UK product page with UK model number:


I’m guessing these will still need the Hue Bridge to work with SmartThings though? I guess the benefit of the Wemo or even Lightify options from what I’ve read is that you just need to buy the bulbs and the SmartThings hub / smartapps do the rest.

Yes, it’s recommended to get the bridge but it’s only one bridge for up to 50 bulbs so the cost evens out pretty quickly. If you get the starter kit with two Hue white bulbs and a bridge, the bridge itself will end up costing less than two more white bulbs would. Maybe even less. And having a bridge gives you a lot of other options with other services as well, so just something to consider.

If the osram Lightify is on the UK list, that’s a nice bulb, and those can be connected directly to the SmartThings, no bridge required, but with the new Hue price cut, I think they end up being more expensive than the hue whites plus a hue bridge.

There’s a new line of Osrams coming out, which again will be in about the same price range as the new hue whites, but there’s no device type for it yet.

I have two Wemo bulbs working fine with the Smarthings hub.