Wemo and GE LED bulb Issue?


Two days ago I had a power failure at home while I was out. By the time I returned home the power was restored but everyone of my LED (GE and Wemo) were on. Using the mobile app, I managed to turn all but one of the bulbs off. The culprit (Wemo) bulb refused to respond even though the Activity log correctly showed “On, Off, etc” entries when I tried to control the bulb. A hub shutdown (15+ minutes), reboot and a network repair appeared to fix that problem. I was wrong.

Later that evening many of my LEDs were acting up. Some, but not all, failed to respond to mobile app, sensors or schedules. They either would not come on when they should or if they did could not be turned off. I was suspicious of this culprit bulb and last night I removed it from ST. After a reboot everything seemed more stable and I was able to control each bulb.

I did a reset of the culprit bulb and re-added it to ST. Once again, this same bulb refused to respond to my mobile app. I removed it once again, reset it and added it to my Wemo Link instead. No problems. Responds to the Wemo mobile app and a rule I assigned to it.

Late last night we had yet another PF. At midnight I noticed all my LEDs were on once again. All but the one bulb I had recently added to the Wemo link hub. The PF did not affect this bulb and it continues to function properly.

So, my questions are:

  1. Is there a way within ST to prevent this LEDs from coming on after a PF?
  2. Can one wonky bulb as in the case I described above cause all other bulbs to misbehave?
  3. Is there a special technique to reset a bulb, re-add it to ST and have it actually work? Obviously this culprit bulb is fine as it is currently working within the Wemo environment.

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