Well pump monitoring mechanism

A recent post for a “Sewer Pump Alarm” had me revisiting something I’ve wanted to accomplish on a similar system.

I have a well pump, and I’d like to have a switch or contact sensor close when the pump is on, and open when the pump is off. I’d like to use this for monitoring while I’m away, as a secondary mechanism for identifying potential leaks.

I’ve created similar notifications for other systems. In fact, my 110V smoke detectors are connected to a Kidde relay which then connects to the dry contacts of a Monoprice contact sensor. I’ve done similar with 24V thermostat wiring where a RIB relay across the auxiliary electric heat contacts feeds the dry contacts of a Monoprice contact sensor.

Just nervous about doing this across the 220V mechanism of the well pump.

The pump has a pressure switch and a motor starter. Pictures attached.

Anyone who can give some advice on this, it would be appreciated.


I believe the following to be an accurate wiring diagram for the system:

“220, 221, whatever it takes”

If you use a device with dry contacts and the right specifications, you should be fine.

In particular, if you’re using North American zwave, Zooz should have a relay model that will work. Their tech-support is usually very helpful with wiring diagrams.

See the FAQ:

FAQ: List of devices with dry contact input from external sources

if you are looking to isolate the high voltage from the contact closure… I have used this on my hot water heater to show when it is heating or not.

That’s slick. I did not think of something current sensing. Can see many possibilities for this type of relay/switch with a sensor with external contacts!

What’s disappointing is I have a very nice energy monitor (Emporia Vue) set up in 16 circuits of my electrical panel. But there is no API and no way to access any information from it other than through their interface, let alone in Smartthings. There doesn’t appear to be any interest by the developers of providing such access either.

I assume the Emporia Vue API returns json in some format. Long ago I had a TED5000 and used its API to bring in specific values using the old IDE or WebCore.

you could use GET/POST Web edge drivers to grab a single value like instantaneous total kW…

I am tinkering with Web Request Multi (do search in community for it) to grab a value from an ESP8266 board I have setup as a webserver for my humidor. yeah i know… there are zigbee hygrometers… but I had the board and DHT22 laying around… it takes the request and spits out the temp and humidity as JSON.

ST is not really a trending/data analysis tool. So all the graphing functions are better handled in Emporia App… but I could see bringing specific values in for use in specific automations.

I don’t know that API access even exists for the Emporia. That’s one of the criticisms of the platform that I wish I knew before I bought in.

The current sensing solution worked very well!

Required unlanding and relanding one of the pump wires to get it in the loop, but it’s otherwise disconnected from the circuit.