Monoprice/Ecolink contact sensor dry contacts

I have used the Monoprice contact (door/window) sensor with dry contacts for years to tell me when my electric heat comes on. It’s configured normally closed - the relay that inputs to the dry contacts opens when the heat comes on, remains closed when the heat is off.

Today I messed up that sensor. I changed device types away from what I thought was “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” to another. I saw there was a “Z-Wave Basic Heat Alarm” that I thought would work better, but it didn’t.

Now that I’ve switched back, the “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” is reading open when it should be closed. I can close it when I bring the magnet nearby, but this switch has been in use for years without the magnet. The dry contacts were not opened or closed.

What could have changed by changing and restoring the device handler?

In fact, ALL of my external contact devices are buggered.

My water sensors do not respond.

My smoke detector sensor is failing to reset.

Something going on?

All I did was switch around the device handlers. Now that I’ve switched them back - I see that they are retaining some mixed handler properties as well.

most likely you will have to exclude them and re-pair with the correct device handler previously installed first

I’ve switched device handlers around on devices plenty in the past. Never had them retain the capabilities of previous device handlers. Is this common?

while i haven’t switched dh around, i noticed it recently when updating a dh.

I updated with another community developed smoke detector device handler (designed specifically off the Z-wave Door Sensor) - it seems to have fixed it so far (though not completely tested yet).

My electric heat sensor is still buggered.

Note that there are some known caching bugs in the platform related to DTHs. If things don’t look quite right after changing a DTH, wait about 12 hours and see if things look better.

Figured out the issue with my electric heat sensor - the Monoprice sensors need to have the dry contacts cycled once when the cover is restored in order to read properly, as their default state is “open” when the cover is restored. Even though the sensor is “closed” now, it’s reading as “open” until I actually open the circuit with the back cover on the sensor. I simulated this myself with a couple of leads of wire. Thanks!

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